Your First Hour with Python

Learn Python using The Cookbook Method

How to get started with Python from scratch. Starting with how to install Python and finishing with a cookbook of 5 programs.

Get introduced to basic programming concepts like if statements, variables, and functions.

Build a personalized cookbook of useful code examples, notes, and snippets.

Learn tips for troubleshooting and debugging to figure out how to deal with errors.

Create fun and useful programs that can be used as building blocks for larger projects. Starting with the simplest one-line programs and building up from there.



  • No programming experience is needed. I will start from scratch and explain new concepts as they are introduced as we build up knowledge using The Cookbook Method.


Want to get started with Python but have no experience? Let me guide you through your first hour with Python with this basic intro for beginners using The Cookbook Method. We’ll start with installing Python. When you’re done you’ll have a small collection of Python scripts that you wrote and will be ready to take on more intermediate topics.

I know your time is valuable, that’s why I distilled the most critical things into one hour to give you the best introduction possible. This one hour will be the best bang for your buck. Do you have an hour? Start and finish this course right now!

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We won’t spend hours on computer science fundamentals. We’re going to jump straight into making programs, starting with simple 1-line programs and building up from there. I’m going to guide you through the whole process and I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Course topics

  • Installing Python (Windows/MacOS/Linux)
  • Cookbook programs you’ll write
    • hello – Hello world, printing messages to the screen
    • calculate – Use Python as a calculator
    • dice – Dice rolling simulator, generating random numbers
    • 8ball – Clone the retro toy, Magic 8-ball that generates random responses to questions
    • guess – Guessing game to try and find the random number in the fewest guesses possible
  • How to keep learning

Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked, so if you did not like the course or did not find value once you have completed, you can get your money back.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to learn to code with the Python programming language.
  • Those who want to build a collection of useful code examples, programs, and snippets.
  • Those curious about programming and just want to see what it’s like, without dedicating much time.
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