Yoga for Weight Loss, Gain & Balancing

Why weight balancing by yoga

What you will learn

How to balance the body or Yoga techniques to loss the weigh or to gain the weight

New yoga techniques exclusively for working professionals

Practical of Dhyanorja Yogic Kriya for weight loss

Theory about yoga and weight balancing with practices


Namaste Friends,

Content of this course is a research based disruptive innovation in yoga specially developed for the working professionals to balance their weight. Yes weight loss & weight gain are two opposite terms but we need to focus more over weight balance. Small but meaningful approach towards research, experiment, practice & innovation. the life lies in balancing. Yoga exercises in these videos are exclusively curated for the Corporate professionals. So professionals who are working from home and even who are going to offices both can perform and practice these yogic activities. First we have to understand all the activities mentioned in the course and then need to practice it on daily basis with slower manner in the beginning. Always remember the yogic pillars of Karma Yoga while performing these all activities and these are Right Intention, Right Intensity, Right Consistency, Scientific Approach & Gradual Way.  Yoga always focuses more over roots of the problems, so when we discuss about weight, Yoga focuses more over harmony, health & happiness. So Weight gain or loss is a by-product phenomenon. but ahead of that weight balancing is more harmonious way to lead the life happily towards health. So friends please watch, learn and practice simultaneously with us. Thank you so much for your valuable participation and love.

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Welcoming Intro to Why Weight Balancing

Warm Up Techniques for channelizing vital energy force in the body

Warm up technique 1 – Raising hands upward wide
Warm up Technique 2 – Feet Rotation

Dhyanorja Yogic Kriya for Weight Balancing

Sitkari Ujjayi Dhyanorja Yogic Activity for Weight Loss
Urja Bandha Naukayan Dhyanorja Yogic Kriya
Crown Lock Exhalation Dhyanorja Yogic Kriya

Stretching Exercises for Weight Loss

Meditative Yoga Stretching Exercises – Warm Up
Warrior Pose 1 with Dhyanorja Variations for Weight loss and balance the body
Three Way Half Wheel Dhyanora Yogic Kriya
Radius Chair Pose Dhyanorja Yogic Kriya

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