Write an Essay in a Day

Write academic essays fast and effectively.


What you’ll learn

  • Research quickly and effectively to compile a body of sources within a couple of hours
  • Plan an essay to create an effective template which can be filled in
  • Write an essay with a strong argument, developing points and counter-points based upon research
  • Reference quickly in a streamlined and systematic way using simple techniques
  • And more


  • Basic computer skills such as the use of Microsoft word and web browsers


This course will teach you the skills required to write an academic essay at a 2:1 or 1st-class level within a single day (6-10) hours.

This is most appropriate for humanities essays that are 2000-3000 words long.

You will learn from a professional essay writer who had to find ways to increase writing speed without sacrificing quality.

You will learn about the most important aspects of approaching an essay. This includes useful methods and tips for:

  • Planning,
  • Research,
  • Writing, and
  • Referencing

All of which can greatly reduce the time you need to write your essay or dissertation.

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In particular, things like research and referencing can slow students down tremendously if they don’t know how to manage their resources effectively. This can be solved with a few simple approaches which can bring these processes down to the space of a few hours.

Writing itself is also a problem for many. Yet, if the workspace is managed well, the research is complied effectively and a useful plan maps out the avenue of approach, writing is also something that we can fit into the space of a few hours.

Whether you are starting-out as a student or are moving ahead in your academic career, requiring a higher workload, this course will give you useful tips and skills to make your essay-writing and research more streamlined, efficient and effective.

Who this course is for:

  • Course is most appropriate for undergraduate university students, especially in the humanities.

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