Work-Life Balance Can Be One of Your Superpowers for Good

Your plan to achieve better balance will bring lower stress, greater happiness and more impact.

What you will learn

You will learn to better balance work and your personal life.

You will learn how to develop an actionable, implementable plan to achieve balance.

You will learn how to find more peace in life.

You will learn how you can be happier.

You’ll learn some fun tips for getting the most out of your next vacation.


Roberto Milk, the CEO and Founder of a remarkable, large-scale social enterprise working to help people around the world work themselves out of poverty, says, “I think that my superpower may be balance. It’s something that I’m always working on, but something that I really strive to do better and better.”

In this course, you’ll learn more about Roberto and his impact along with his superpower so you can be more like Roberto.

You’ll work through seven activities to help you identify areas where you can improve your work-life balance and incorporate them into a comprehensive personal work-life balance plan.

The seven activities include:

1. Remember, nobody’s perfect.

2. Start small.

3. Disconnect.

4. Set limits.

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5. Exercise.

6. Care for yourself.

7. Vacation.

The seven exercises will help you build your personal plan for balance. When you complete the course, you’ll have a document that can guide improvement in your work and home life, allowing you to do more good and be happier.

This course is designed for people who work for nonprofits or social enterprises, volunteer for them or donate to or invest in one. It will be valuable for anyone who wants to change the world. Anyone who wants to achieve better work-life balance will benefit from this course.

Thank you for considering this course. I look forward to seeing you inside.




Roberto Milk – Intro
Roberto Milk Explains His Superpower: Balance

7 Activities to Help You Prepare a Plan to Achieve Balance

Overview of the 7 Activities
Remember, Nobody’s Perfect
Start Small
Set Limits
Care for Yourself

Writing Your Plan for Better Work-Life Balance

Write your Plan for Better Work-Life Balance

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