Work from home; work at work…or play?

Self-care at home; fun at work

What you will learn

Art therapy exercises for self-care at home – ideal for homeworkers

Games that can be played at the office to reduce stress

Art-therapy exercises done by other students (visible in Student Art book)

Improvement in English


This course is in two sections:

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  • Working from home
  • Working at work

In the first section we go through various ways – using Art Therapy – self-care can be practised at home to reduce stress, help focus and improve overall wellbeing. This includes visualisations as well as Art Therapy exercises.

In the second section we go through a series of games that can be played at work. These will remove tension but BEWARE...if you get caught you may lose your job! (But the games are fun though!)

So, a short course aimed at those in work and need a little light relief!

Of course this is of especial interest now with so many people working at home, perhaps hardly leaving the house. Then of course there are those returning to work, commuting, bored and need of a few office games as they change their mindset!

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Likely outcome:

1. Less stress at home as you engage in new activities i.e. art therapy. Who knows? You may find out things about yourself that shape your career differently!

2. Less stress at work as you bring and develop some jollity at working in the same room as other people after all these months! Adding a bit of danger there is of course always the chance you’ll now get sacked!





Office Games

Doing a wheelie
You aren’t what you don’t eat
You have a message
Bulls**t Bingo
Hovering around
Limbo Lunacy
Alter ego
Planting Evidence
Round Robin Rubbish
Vanity Publishing
Overheard Over Here
Sweet Success
Clip On Art

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