Weekly Divine Blessings ~ Part 1.

A series of attuning guided meditations, which will offer you Divine Blessings from the Creator & the Ascended Masters.

What you will learn

Learn what Blessings and Divine Blessings are.

Learn how Blessings and Divine Blessings are performed.

Receive Weekly Divine Blessings.

Explore different topics of life and aspects of yourself.

Receive Divine Blessings & Divine Installations of Love, Faith, Satisfaction, Grace, Enlightenment & Prosperity.

Experience a Ceremonial Divine Blessings, which will bring an intro-connection to all the Divine Blessings which you received through the course.


Hello and welcome to the “Weekly Divine Blessings” course which has the purpose to bring the work of the “Weekly Divine Blessings” program at your disposal, so you may use it at your own convenience. My name is Nickolas and I will be your guide in this divine spiritual experience.

Through this program you will be able to receive the Divine Blessings which I receive from the Creator, the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Beings, which have the purpose to help you with all aspects of your being and of your life.

Through the course you will receive all information regarding the “Weekly Divine Blessings” program and get to know what blessings and divine blessings are and how they are performed. Furthermore, you will receive the original work of the Weekly Divine Blessings program as it progresses and you will also receive information on how to join its live performance.

I hope that you will enjoy the work offered through this course and that these blessings will enrich your entire life.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Divine Blessings,
Nickolas Mparalos!

Title of Music used in Meditations is “In Spiritus” by “Christopher Lloyd Clarke”. Licensed by “Enlightened Audio”.




Welcome and Introduction.
A Blessing.
A Divine Blessing.
Weekly Divine Blessings Program

Divine Blessings May 2022.

Love ~ Divine Blessings of May 15.
Divine Blessings of May 15 ~ Guided Meditation.
Faith ~ Divine Blessings of May 22.
Divine Blessings of May 22 ~ Guided Meditation.
Satisfaction ~ Divine Blessings of May 29.
Divine Blessings of May 29 ~ Guided Meditation.

Divine Blessings June 2022.

Grace ~ Divine Blessings of June 5.
Divine Blessings of June 5 ~ Guided Meditation.


Closure and final notes.

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