Web based Augmented Reality using 8th Wall

Learn WebAR using 8th Wall

Hands on Experience on 8th wall Cloud Editor

You will be able to create your own AR Experiences

Master in World Tracking, Image Tracking and Face Tracking

Learn to use curved and circular Image Targets

Master using A-Frame Library for AR Experiences


  • Basics of HTML and Javascript


Augmented Reality in simple word means placing and interacting with virtual object in real world. Mainly they are categorized in different categories Marker-Based  and Markerless AR. As the name suggest Marker based means there is type of marker can be image, location etc. and Markerless means which don’t have marker and can be placed anywhere in world like ground, wall etc.

Why Web based AR ?

There are many benefits for web based AR.

  1. Scalability : As the work is on web then any device having web browser can have access.
  2. Demand : the demand for AR | VR developers have seen sudden growth in the market.
  3. No Download : no app is required to be downloaded again and again for every device.
  4. Low cost
  5. Low Maintenance

Why 8th Wall ?

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There are many SDKs in market. But till date I have found 8th wall to be

  1. Easy to use and understand
  2. Works on A-FRAME also (One of the simplest library)
  3. Basic web programming required (HTML and JavaScript)
  4. 8th wall’s SLAM system has been proved to track image targets more accurately till date.

About Me

I’m Saurabh Kumbhar founder of Motleyscape.

Motleyscape is an AR VR XR based company. We have been working in AR since 2020.

From my Industrial experience I have found sudden increase in demand for WebAR. I thought why to limit the knowledge to us so I started creating WebAR Course.

Who this course is for:

  • Web Developer who are curious about AR Experiences
  • 3D Designers who are curious about AR Experiences
  • Digital Marketers to enhance the skills.
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