Video Conferencing Zoom Skype WebEX Tech Presentation Skills

Improve your presentation skills and tech skills for all your online video meetings, conferences, and webinars

What you will learn

Presenting skills for online meetings

Speaking skills for video conferencing

Communication skills for virtual meetings


How to Use ZOOM

How to Use Skype

How to Use WebEx

How to Use Google Hangouts


Best Presentation skills and Tech skills and practices for Video Conferencing – Zoom, Skype, WebEX and Google Hangouts

Become an effective communicator and leader in all your online video meetings, conferences, and webinars

Teleconferencing, telecommuting, remote meetings – these are the new normal.

Social Distancing has resulted in a need for all skilled workers to be able to communicate digitally through video platforms like ZOOM, WebEx, Skype, and Google Hangouts. It’s no longer a luxury to be able to telecommute; it is a basic necessity. And you must have strong presentation skills and tech savvy for all online video-based meetings.

If the idea of having to speak to a little camera in a room all by yourself seems strange or alien, you are not alone. Communicating virtually through video platforms is uncomfortable for everyone at first. But once you know the secrets of communicating on live video conferencing platforms, it will be as easy as riding a bike or driving a car for you.

Instructor TJ Walker has taught thousands of executives like you how to speak effectively in front of a video camera. He will walk you through, step-by-step, on everything you need to do in order to communicate effectively during video meetings.

After finishing this course, you will know how to look comfortable confident relaxed on camera, you’ll be able to communicate a message and have The other participants in your meetings understand you and remember your messages.

You will learn the ins and outs of the technology you will need and the platforms you will use. Most important, you’ll learn how to save time and focus only on what is most essential for you to communicate effectively using virtual teleconferencing technology.

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This course is designed to improve your Presentation skills, Communication skills, Remote speaking skills, Virtual meeting planning, Zoom conferences, Skype meetings, and Webex calls.

There are clients, customers, prospects and colleagues who need to not only hear from you, but see your face today. Video teleconferencing is the way to do that. Enroll in this course now to upgrade your presentation skills and tech know-how for all of you online video meetings, conferences and calls.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

“Hi TJ, this is very useful course i have ever attend, its covering all aspect, for me the whole course was useful especially for a person lives in a complicated conflict zone which is middle east, specifically Syria, by this course am confident to say that i have learned new techniques which will help me a lot” Azad Murad

“This goes beyond video conferencing, this is everything I needed in regards to presentation. Have a presentation to make, be it academic, politic, marketing, social or otherwise, this is the go-to course for you. Thank you TJ for this.” Bashiru Sani

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You Can Master Online Meetings!

Quick Win! Here is How to Look Your Best in Front of a Video Camera
Coronavirus Update and Impact on Video Conferencing
Setting the meeting objective — a critical factor to success
Online Video Conferencing Is Just One More Simple Tool for Communicating
Learn How Video Conference Meetings Are the Same & Different From Other Meetings
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Master Any Platform You Need, From Zoom to Skype to WebEx and Beyond

You Must Learn How Your Platform Works BEFORE The Conference Starts
Learning the Different Platforms
Zoom – Ins and Outs From Guest Lecturer Marceau Lewis
The Favorite Thing I Like About Zoom
Skype – Ins and Outs from Guest Lecturer Marceau Lewis
Web Ex – Ins And Outs With Guest Lecturer Marceau Lewis

You Can Look Comfortable, Confident And Relaxed On Camera

Do NOT Hide Behind Slides – Show Your Face on the Video Meeting
Never Be Nervous Again on Camera
Follow These Tips To Look Your Very Best on Camera for Your Next Meeting
This Is Why You Should NOT Use Teleprompters or Read Scripts
This Is What You Should Wear for a Video Conference

Creating Your Home Studio for Video Conferencing

Create the best lighting and angle for your video presence
The Biggest Distraction Can Be…
Solutions for Your Backdrop

Master Your Technology Needs

What Is the Best Video Camera to Use for Online Meetings?
Microphones to the Rescue
Speakers, Headphones, Earpieces and More
Use the Best Possible Internet Connection Possible
Don’t Talk about the Technology, Just Use the Technology

Presenting in an Online Meeting

Don’t Forget Your Meeting Agenda
Fundamentals of Effective Online Presentations
Tips for Using Visuals In Online Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Video Meetings

What If I am Not Hosting the Online Meeting But Might Have to Speak?
What Should My last Minute Checklist Include?
How Long Should a Video Meeting Last?
How do I Fix Problems with My Voice on a Video Conference?
Should You Memorize Your Online Presentation?
What If You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice?
How Do You Reduce Background Noise?
What Else Can I do to Reduce Distractions During a Video Conference Meeting?

Conclusion – You Are Ready for Prime Time Video Conferencing

This Is What You Must Do If You Really Want to Pass With Flying Colors
One last Chance to Get Your Questions and Suggestions Responded To
Congrats! You Are Now Prepared to Communicate Effectively in Online Meetings

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