Ultimate guide to become Industrial instrument professional

Professionals who are interested in the operations and maintenance of Industrial Enviorment

What you will learn

Pass job interview

Understating of factory environment

Field instruments calibration

PLC control system understanding


Instruments are the heart of any factory. If any breakdown in instument it will led to stoppage in the production of factory.

Are you some one who work in a factory environment or someone closely related with industrial environment?.

Then this couse is specially designed for you.

Few years before when I joined  as industrial instrumentation engineer i found it very difficult in understanding the basics of industrial instrumentation.

In industrial environment it’s very difficult to get help from senior professional and even if seniors helped it was very difficult for a new person to grasp if they don’t have any basic knowledge of factory environment

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So i decided to put a course, to help people so students and professionals will  get an outline what’s happening in a factory environment and what are the basic skill required to become a good instrumentation Engineer.

In this couse i tried to put down all the activities that an instrumentation engineer should be doing in a factory environment without wasting time.

I am currently 10 year experienced in industrial environment and if students want an additional support regarding industrial automation and instrumentation topics, then they could directly reach me at [email protected] I wish everyone sucess in their dreams and career.



Instrumentation Engineer

Introduction to various department in an industry
Understanding Electrical drawing of PLC-part1
Understanding Electrical drawing of PLC-part2
Read and understand P&ID
Take PLC,SCADA,SQL Backup of Siemens software
VFD commissioning
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor calibration-part1
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor calibration-part2
pH sensor calibration

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