Translations of the Bible

How Understanding Translations of the Bible Can Influence Your Walk in Faith

What you will learn

Use prayer to gain proximity to God.

Use prayer to select a translation.

Use research to compare translations of the Bible.

Use experience and prayer to continue direction relating to Scripture.


In this short course, I share my experiences navigating translations of the Bible. Translations of the Bible are vast and much like languages of the earth. This can be overwhelming to many Christians. Each speak to a variety of people differently and that does not inherently make one translation wrong. The point of translation identification is not to find the best or most authentic translation, but rather to find the best version for you. It took me years to find how each translation provides benefit. When I did, I found the experience to be so obvious, I wondered how I could have missed such simple advice prior. I genuinely believe all translations to be the Word of God and capable of leading anyone to salvation. The point of this course is to share my experience and let that be a guide to you and your distinct path. Please take my advice and pray about which translation God wishes for you to read. He wants proximity to you and His Word is a means of acquiring said proximity. I hope and pray my experiences can save you time in your journey to find the translation that speaks most to you and further enhances your relationship with our Heavenly Father.

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Translations of the Bible: My Experience

Translations of the Bible



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