Top Soft and hard skills valued by Employers in 2022

Top soft and hard skills that you need to know in 2022!

What you will learn

soft skills

soft skill training

personality development

Hard Skills

business etiquette

social skills

communication skills

email writing

Learn hard and soft skills


Soft skills are character traits (like being self-motivated, creative, or reliable) that positively affect how you work and interact with others. Soft skills are personal attribute-driven general skills, such as the ability to give and receive feedback, work collaboratively, and manage time. They are usually self-developed.

Soft skills relate to your emotional intelligence and natural ability to interact well with others. They are useful across all industries and job types. Hard skills are technical skills or other job-specific expertise that are learned through education or training.

Hard skills are skills that allow you to perform job-specific tasks and responsibilities. They can be learned through formal education, apprenticeships or internships, certification programs, and on the job. Hard skills typically focus on particular processes or tasks and involve the use of specific tools or software. Hard skills include things like language skills, skills with particular software, job-specific skills, etc.

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Since hard skills refer to the expertise you have acquired in any particular field, they also happen to be one of the most important skills listed in your resume. Although soft skills eventually determine whether you’ll get the job, a certain level of proficiency is always required to give you an edge over the other candidates. That proficiency is determined by hard skills.

This course covers the top soft and hard skills that are most valued by Employers in 2022.




Introduction to the course
Difference between Soft and Hard Skills

Most valued Soft Skills

Communication Skills
Why are good communication skills important?
Problem Solving
Why are good problem solving skills important?
Team work
Why team work is an important skill?
Why creativity is an important skill to have?
Time Management
Why are time management skills important?
Leadership skills
Attention to Detail
A good work ethic
Emotional Intelligence
Taking Ownership

Most valued Hard Skills

What skills you should put on your resume?
Data Analytics
Management skills

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