Top 5 Kickstarter Hacks for 2022 – That Actually Work!

Learn the “secret” tactics that top Kickstarter campaigns use to raise Millions

What you will learn

How to Get Qualified Leads that Convert to Backers With 90%

A better way to charge for shipping

Calculate the number of emails you need before launching the campaign

To set up your reward structure for the best performance

Track conversions with Facebook pixel

The best day and time to launch your campaign


Want to learn the “secret” tactics that top Kickstarter campaigns use to raise Millions?

If so, this class is for you!

Whether you’re a seasoned crowdfunder or you are just starting out these simple tactics will increase your campaign success and help you raise more money.

These selected 5 lesser-known tactics are quite easy to implement but make a high impact on your campaign.

Some quick facts about me.
I’ve been in crowdfunding since 2013 when I launched my first successful campaign. Since then I’ve directly helped over 30 projects raise over 3 million USD. I’m also the founder of the largest regional crowdfunding community officially partnered with Kickstarter. I also regularly lecture at local and international conferences and events.

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In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to Get Qualified Leads that Convert to Backers With 90%
    I’ll show you how to create a lead-generating funnel that not only increases the conversion at the time of your campaign but even pays for itself.
  • A “Secret” Backer Email Formula
    Everyone always asks me how can I make sure that my launch will be a success. Well, the answer is in this simple formula. It will tell you how many emails you need before the campaign launch.
  • A Better Way to Charge for Shipping
    The way you charge for shipping can impact how many backers you get. We’ll take a look at two different methods for manipulating shipping so your backers will happily pay for it.
  • Achieve the Ultimate FOMO With this Rewards Trick
    Creating rewards can be difficult. Make them too expensive and you’ll be losing sales. Make them too affordable and you’ll be leaving money on the table. I’ll show you a psychological trick so you get the best from both worlds.
  • How to Track Untrackable Facebook Conversions on Kickstarter
    There is no way to add a Facebook tracking pixel on your Kickstarter page. This means you won’t be able to track conversions and optimize your ads. But what if I tell you there is a way to do just that?
  • Bonus
    As a bonus, I’ll tell you when is the best time to launch your crowdfunding campaign for maximum exposure and engagement.

By the end of this class, you’ll have the knowledge and action steps to take your Kickstarter campaign to the next level!

A fair warning though. This class is not for you if you don’t know the basic concepts of crowdfunding.

That being said let’s kick it off!




Introduction to The Course

5 Kickstarter Hacks

A “Secret” Backer Email Formula
Getting The Best Qualified Leads Before the Campaign
A Better Way to Charge for Shipping
Achieve the Ultimate FOMO With Rewards
How to Track Facebook Conversions on Kickstarter


2x Extra Tactics
The Wrap-up

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