Three steps to remarkable public speaking

A foundation for improved communication.

What you will learn

How to increase your level of confidence to express yourself with excitement when speaking in public.

How to create a big plan for the content and then make your ideas compelling and memorable.

What hooks to use to give each main idea flavour and appeal, to make it catchy and alive.

How to increase your authentic presence as a speaker and attract your audience’s connection.


Hello! I’m Raluca Erimescu, a former dentist and perfectionist :), now a trainer in Public speaking and Storyteller, a World Class Speaking Coach and a blogger.

This course will help you advance towards a remarkable presence in front of an audience

o You will go from anxious, uncomfortable to be in a speaking situation, afraid of “What will they think? How will I sound? Am I good enough?” to becoming a passionate, ready to offer your knowledge, energetic and confident presence.

o You will master 4 techniques to fuel up your confidence and exude good energy.

o You will have a method to harmonize the parts of your speech and create synergy between them.

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o You will work with a plan when building the blocks of your content, in a more easy and structured way. This is time saving.

o You will discover the burdock bur’s technique which will allow you to take each big idea and make it captivating, alluring, memorable.

o You will increase your authentic presence in front of your audience and obtain a powerful connection with them. This is decisive for your listener’s openness to receive your message.

Your ability to speak to a group is part of the contribution you can create. I hope to have you embarked on this journey and help you increase yours!




Who am I?
The roadmap of the course
How to take maximum benefit from this course?

Fuel up your confidence

Understand fear
The four techniques to fuel up your confidence
Lose perfectionism
The endorphins bath

The craft of your speech

Craft and confidence
The designer’s vision process
How to apply the designer’s vision process
Whitespaces for creativity
The burdock bur’s technique
Hook 1: Analogy
Hook 2: Example
Hook 3: Story
Hook 4: Activity
The closure of your speech


The most crucial part of the presentation
Authenticity in delivery
Authenticity in the content part: Values and beliefs
Authenticity in the content part: Sense of purpose for the speech
Authenticity in the content part: The 4 beats of personal presence
The end of the course


A Group to practice your public speaking skills
More resources on my blog

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