The World-Class Digital Portfolio Blueprint For Freelancers

Learn how to present your work to help you win profitable clients, grow your income & position yourself as an expert

What you will learn

Learn how to showcase your work like the biggest and best agencies in the world, who charge up to $1.2 million per project.

How to create a world-class portfolio to attract higher paying clients.

How to position yourself as an expert who can demand higher fees and prices.

Showcase your work in the best light so you close more clients without having to give discounts.


Hey Freelancer ?

You showcase your portfolio to clients right?

Hey, me too!

But did you know that your portfolio is the single best way to increase your fees?

Really…You didn’t know.

Well, isn’t it lucky you’re here…

I was able to triple my fees for brand identity design (and many other services) simply because I began to utilise some key lessons a follow freelancer taught me.

The mentor who gave me this blueprint charges $40,000 for a 2 day project…

That’s some serious dough!

So I thought this would be valuable to share with other freelancers around the world.

To help you make your portfolio the very best it can be so you can begin to charge premium prices for your services.

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It all comes down to how you present your work. and the likelihood is you’re selling yourself short.

This course will teach you how to position yourself as an expert who can help your client solve the challenge they have.

And by doing so, you’ll be able to attract highly-profitable clients easily whilst also having them pay upfront for your services every time.

You (YES YOU) can get to a point where you can charge 5 figures for 2 days of your time.

But only if you understand how to communicate your expertise and showcase your work in a way which maximises impact and showcases the value you can bring in the best light.

This is what this course takes your through.

Step by step.

And of course I’m always here to help you along the way too.

And on that note, I’ll see you inside the course!




What we’ll learn inside the course
Who does your portfolio have to convince
How to select the right work for your portfolio
Examples of the best portfolios in the world
How to create a multi-environment portfolio
Examples of how to showcase your process
The structure of a perfect portfolio
How to segment your portfolio to maximise conversion
The best way to share your portfolio with clients
How to get more higher paying clients (Additional Video)
A closing message
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