The ULTIMATE Self Improvement Guide

Scientifically turn all aspects of your life around using science-based tactics

What you will learn

How to start your Self-Discovery Journey

How to overcome fears and limiting factors

Learn the importance of self-esteem and self-worth, working with both deeply

Discover the TRUE you

Learn how to define the vision you have for your life and make meaningful goals

Discover how to take initiative instead so you can create the life you want

Find the motivation to achieve goals & success


In this course, you will be able to learn (and relearn) the basics of improving yourself. While adding in variables of psychology and people skills science.

Self improvement is a tool that ultimately turn your life around, no matter what stage you’re in.

This course is designed to lead you, no matter what skill level you are at, through the process of identifying problems, getting out of existential crisis, growing into a better person, and most importantly changing yourself for the better. No matter how small or how big, we want you to reap all the benefits from the gift of life.

Psychology (and how it relates to your relationships and mental health) is a huge part of self improvement, whether you realize it or not. How you portray yourself, how you let others treat you, who you surround yourself with, and the steps you take to make sure you’re fulfilling your purpose are all parts of improving your value of life.

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That’s why we at The Success Bistro wanted to help you understand and relay the secrets behind giving a speech on any occasion.

Self Improvement comes in many forms. Learn how to master the art of self-improvement with this knowledge packed guide.




Introduction to Self Improvement

About the Instructor

About The Success Bistro

Do I Need Change?

Am I Going Through an Existential Crisis?
What is the Relational Paradox?
Do I have Imposter Syndrome?
Am I Annoying to Others?
Am I a People Pleaser?

Start Standing Out!

How to STAND Out
Stop Being Underestimated

Changing Yourself… For the Better

How to Survive Existential Crisis
Be a BETTER Friend
Be More Authentic
Increase Your Willpower
How to Change Successfully

Avoid THIS If You Want Change

Common Change Mistakes


Bonus Lecture

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