The Optimal Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Learn the basics of Ethical Hacking so easily, learn how to become an Expert Hacker and get continuous help

What you will learn

Learn what hacking exactly is

Learn the attackers and hackers types in details and in an easy way

Learn the hacking phases and how they operate together

Learn the malware types in details easily

Learn what the deep web exactly is

Learn how to be an expert hacker from a real world long hacking experience

Get complete support to help you in learning hacking


If you began to learn Ethical Hacking, then this course is optimally best for you.

Good day, my name is Mostafa Ahmad, I’m an Expert Ethical Hacker and a Cybersecurity Engineer with over seven years of confirmed excellent expertise and excessive effectiveness. I am very happy to ship utterly my profitable expertise by means of my courses.

All through this course, you’ll be taught the required primary definitions of Ethical Hacking easily and in an alluring method, you’ll be taught simply what Hacking exactly is, why hackers hack, the types of hackers in detail, and types of the Cyber attacks, the malware varieties in detail, what deep web exactly is, learn to be an expert hacker within the shortest time from an actual world hacking expertise and much more.

This is not just a course of listed educational videos, it is a complete platform for you to learn hacking as I will answer all your questions related to hacking, whether you ask me directly or in the QA section. I’m here, very responsive, and happy to help you anytime.

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I simplify each point to make understanding the definitions easy, especially for those who started to learn Ethical Hacking. I will tell you the secrets of how to be an expert in the Ethical Hacking field and the exact importance of Ethical Hacking.

The danger of hacking is limitless, and the bad hackers can perform critical malicious activities that threaten everyone, that is why Ethical Hacking is important and always needed and will always be needed.

Learning should be enjoyable and full of valuable information. This course has been designed with care to ease learning and make sure that you get the best outcome and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions that may arise with no limit to help you with your learning journey.



Introduction to The course


Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Is Hacking Hard to Learn?
What is Hacking Exactly?
Different Types of Hackers
More About Attackers Types
Hacking Phases
Attack Types
Malware Types

Additional Content

Sample from the Learn Linux Like The Advanced Hackers course – Bash History
Sample from the Facebook OSINT Hacking course – Hacking Starting Tips

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