The Most Common Spanish Phrases “according to experts”

Learn the most common Spanish phrases in real daily conversations .”Spanish accent”


What You Will Learn

1- to be able to learn the most common Spanish Phrases

2- to be able to have a conversation with any Spanish speaker

3- to be able to have a conversation with any native

4- to be able to understand the context of any conversation


  • We connected the topics of this course to our course 1000 Essential Portuguese Phrases”Brazilian accent” you also can take it, while you are studying this one.


Learn the most common Spanish phrases in real daily conversations.

In this course, you’re going to learn the most common and used phrases In Spanish, “Spanish accent”

Do you want to say more than simple words in Spanish, and sound like a native Spanish speaker simultaneously?

then you are in the right place

Here are the most common and used basic Spanish phrases “according to the experts” that people use every day. They are useful phrases that will help you in any situation.

The essential Spanish Phrases have been divided into topics, to help better you remember them and use them in the appropriate situation. You will learn the essential phrases of the Spanish language, such as asking how someone is, to express how you are, besides many situations that will help you grow your Spanish Vocabulary.

Every language has its phrases and expressions, and Spanish has plenty of them, so when you learn these phrases, you will sound more confident especially when you speak with natives. If you master well these phrases and expressions, you will be able to understand at least the context of most daily life conversations. That is why we have gathered some of the most common Spanish expressions and phrases according to experts.

let’s look at a few ideas for how to learn these new phrases.

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We suggest you master these phrases; how would you do that?

First, listen to the native speaker.

Second, as you read each phrase for the first time, say it aloud 5 times.  (They are short phrases.)

Third, record yourself speaking and compare it to the native speaker.

In the last step, write them the way you pronounce them. That way you can listen to the recording and practice the pronunciation by yourself at home.

If you have any questions while completing a topic message me!

Enjoy the course!


Who this course is for:

  • 1- People who doing business in Spain or any country where Spanish is spoken
  • 2- People who often travel to Spain or any country where Spanish is spoken
  • 3- People who live in Spain or any country where Spanish is spoken
  • 4- people who are planning for a job in any country where Spanish is spoken.
  • 5- people who have an interest in Latin culture and affairs
  • 6- people who enjoy the challenge of learning new languages

Course content

1 section • 16 lectures • 1h 0m total length

  • Introduction


  • Lesson 1 Ways to Say Hello Goodbye


  • Lesson 2 ways to say yes no


  • lesson 3 ways to ask how the person is


  • lesson 4 ways to respond how you are


  • Lesson 5 ways to say thanks


  • Lesson 6 ways to respond thank you


  • Lesson 7 Phrases used to make friends


  • Lesson 7 ways to apologize


  • Lesson 8 ways to Respond to an Apology


  • Lesson 9 Common greetings you should know


  • Lesson 10 Phrases for Introductions


  • Lesson 11 Phrases when meeting a friend


  • Lesson 12 Ways to Show Interest in the conversation


  • Lesson 13 Phrases for Responding to Good News


  • Lesson 14 Phrases for Responding to bad News


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