The Logo Design Masterclass

Learn How to Create Stunning Logos with Basic Knowledge

What you will learn

The 7 different types of logos

The top 6 fundamental rules of graphic design

Color psychology & how to choose colors

Coming up with great logo design ideas

Be able to create a beautiful logo


this course will make you design great simple beautiful logos without any experience. This course was made by a person who is like you, that didn’t have any experience before & knew nothing about logo design, & that’s why I created this course, because I was a beginner once a day before & know how devastating it is to want to design a logo but not knowing how. This course will teach you every single thing you might need to create professional agency-quality logos.

This course will teach you:

1. the 7 different types of logos

2. the top 6 fundamental rules to create a beautiful logo

3. color psychology & the meaning of every single color on the spectrum

4. how to design a great logo

5. how to choose colors for your logo

6. how to use mockups to present your logo

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This course was made for:

1. any person that wants to learn logo design

2. beginner logo designers

3. intermediate logo designers that want to learn how other designers think & produce a logo design

why you should purchase this course:

1. it’s not that expensive, logo design courses are usually more than $100 but this one is $39.99 (sometimes less if there’s an offer)

2. it’s not that long, logo design masterclasses are usually longer than 2 or 3 hours but this one is less than an hour.

  1. So what are you waiting for?! enroll now!




Learn how to design a logo

1. 7 Types of logos
1.1 Understanding context
1.2 Researching & mood board
1.3 Coming up with ideas
1.4 Sketching
1.5 6 Fundamental rules of graphic design
1.6 Designing the logo

Color psychology & how to choose colors

1.7 Color psychology
1.8 Choosing colors

Additional content

1.9 Important resources
2.0 Presenting the logo through mockups
2.1 The end

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