The Global Situation & Your Freedom

Open Your Eyes To What’s Happening Around You

What you will learn

How do we know if something is true or not?

Find out what people try to convince you of.

How do we become open to manipulation?

How do you get anyone to be controlled willingly?

Discover how to know when someone is lying.

What comes before observation?

Understand what stops you from seeing.

The importance of the definition of words.

Look at how you become a parrot.

Find out what happens when basic education is taken away.

Know when someone wants to make another wrong.

What defines the way you look at yourself?

How do you fix anyone?

The reason you play a game.


The Inner Circle is an exclusive, paying, advanced group of students that hold bi-monthly webinars with Meir. This lesson – The Global Situation & Your Freedom – is one of those exclusive webinars.

After delivering this powerful lesson, Meir recognized just how important it is for everyone to know this vital data. He knew that this lesson is too important – especially in today’s world – to be limited to the Inner Circle exclusive group. That is why he decided to make it available to anyone and everyone – completely FREE!

In this lesson, we look at an important historical video that and compare it to today’s world. We will see if anything has changed, what has stayed the same, and what we can learn from it. We then take a step back to look at what is really going on behind the scenes today and what your freedom has to do with it.

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There is no way to stress enough just how important it is for everyone to watch this lesson again and again. People need to be made aware of the insanity around them, the mechanism behind it, and the steps they can take to combat it.

You will get an entirely new viewpoint on the global situation, and you will learn vital data to your freedom and survival. It is a must-watch!




Agreements & Introduction
Observe The Video For Yourself
Making Connections
The Authority
Becoming Totally Controlled
Mind Control In Our Society
The Missing Ingredient
Fully Understand The Idea
The Importance Of Source
What You Need To Do
Don’t Be A Parrot
What It Takes To Destroy A Nation
The Real Secrets Of Society
The Basics
Fix People And The Planet
Effort vs Counter-Effort
Understanding Thought
Undo History
Get The Basics
Find Out What We Made Happen
Enroll for Free

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