The Foundation For An Unstoppable Udemy Business unofficial

The success of your company can and will be determined by your the amount of preparation you do prior to launch

What you will learn

I will give you examples of why online teaching can be a stress-free source of income. Two examples would be students are just drawn to Udemy and little expense

In the introduction I will spell out why you need Udemy as your platform for online teaching

I will give you keys you will need to prepare yourself for success in online teaching. Without proper preparation any project is doomed to failure

To help you in your preparations I have also included a complete list of equipment you will need to produce your first course.

We explore ways to produce courses for Udemy if you are shy or don’t want to invest in equipment right away.

And, of course , i will address how to be profitable with online education production and how to get paid.


Making residual income is what this course is about. More specifically, I am going to help you understand how a site like Udemy can be the key to your financial success.

When you follow the steps outlined in this course, you can begin to realize your potential to make consistent money while doing a minimal amount of work.

So, why doesn’t everyone do this?

Quite simply because some people don’t understand how to do it, some people prefer to work for others, and some people are just too darn lazy!

Determining your future is up to you, and if you want to be financially successful, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll get into everything you need to know shortly, but it’s important to understand how the steps work. First, you need to understand the platform you’ll be working on, in this case Udemy.

Then you’ll want to prepare everything you need for success.

Preparation is often the most important part of this equation, and sometimes the most overlooked, so pay close attention to your preparation and follow the suggestions I will share with you for maximum results.

Purpose is the next step, the one in which you will zero in on your product. Slide 7 Next comes the profit you generate from creating and launching your new course.

Last, and most importantly for your financial success is to keep your courses fresh and create more courses. Each new course you create will be another residual income stream.

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To reiterate, these are the steps you’re going to take:

· Platform – learn what you need to know

· Preparation – the most important part of this venture

· Purpose – what are you trying to sell

· Profit – generating traffic and promoting your course

· Rinse And Repeat – more courses equals more money

When you follow these simple steps, you can achieve a much higher level of success. It isn’t complicated, but you must follow all the steps to ensure you do everything correctly and earn the maximum amount of profits.

So, I hope you’re excited. Let’s get started right now!




Building Your Udemy Business Foundation

Building Your Foundation

Residual Income
Understanding Udemy
Prepare For Success
PowerPoint and Video
As Promised Equipment List
Ghost Writer
Finding Your Purpose
Generate Profit
Instructor Biography
Keywords and Ratings
Getting Paid
Rinse and Repeat

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