The Complete Resume Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

Step By Step Guide To Create a World Class Resume

What you’ll learn

  • Knowing The Importance Of Selling Your Brand Through Your Resume
  • How to Create a Compelling Personal Mission Statement
  • Choosing a Quote that is Special to You
  • Selecting the Right Accomplishments to Showcase
  • Choosing The Right Mix of Strengths
  • How to List your technical ability
  • Sharing a Day in Your Life
  • Understanding The Importance of Experience and Qualifications


  • Anyone Interested in Creating a World class Resume


Do You want to create a world class resume that will help you stand out?

Want something special to land your dream job?

Getting ready for a role move and need to freshen up your resume?

The this is the ideal course for you.

With a step by step guide and three outstanding templates included you will be spoiled for chance and prepared to land your dream job.

Each Section of the Resume design, creation, refinement, and presentation is covered in detail, which included:

Professional Headshot Selection
What to do, what to watch out for and common mistakes to avoid selling the wrong brand

Contact Details and Personal Biography
How your biography should sell your personal mission statement and give the reader a sense of who you are, what you do and the Why that spurs you on

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Life Philosophy
What once quote sums you up succinctly?

Showcasing your Achievements
Choosing the right level and mix of details here to support the creation of your personal brand and help you stand out from all the competition.

Core Strengths
Choosing the right mix to ensure you pass all robotic and human screening

Technical Ability
Being Open and Honest and rating yourself against your core technical skills

A Day in the Life
Allow the reviewer to make a personal connection with you and see what walking a mile in your shoes looks like

Personal and Professional Experience
The order to list and the right level of detail to cover, met the needs without the waffle

Education and Professional Certificates
Make sure you pass the screen, get those required qualification in

Who this course is for:

  • Those looking to create a world class resume and land their dream job

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