The Cloud Course

A course for anyone interested in gaining a strong foundation in cloud computing, computer networking and cybersecurity

What you will learn

Cloud Computing, Cloud Networking, Computer Networking, Cybersecurity, Virtualization, Containers, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture


Having spent countless hours trying to find the relevant cloud information to excel as the head of cloud product marketing at a multi-billion dollar AI cybersecurity company, I realized that a structured, well-designed, and easy to follow course on the topics related to the cloud simply did not exist. I then took it upon myself to create this course and have tremendous, absolute faith in its value. No prerequisites but you’ll leave with tons of new information.

We cover nuances and don’t just gloss over topics. For example, we help you understand when SaaS is considered part of your organization’s portion of “shared responsibility”, or why computers have both a unique MAC Address and IP Address when you in theory only need one identifier (the answer is NOT because one is layer 2 and one is layer 3!).

At a little less than 2 hours in length, this course delivers a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time and manages to do so extremely clearly. Knowledge of the material in this course will make you extremely employable in the cloud, computer networking and cybersecurity spaces.

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If you want to take your career to a stratospheric new level, take this course, apply the wealth of knowledge that you gain, and never look back!




Introduction to Computers
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Virtualization and VMs
Clients and Servers
Networks 1
Networks 2
Networks 3
Computer and Network Security
Introduction to the Cloud
IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
The Cloud Market and Deployment Models
Common Cloud Services
Cloud Security
Future of the Cloud
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