The Art of Facing a Job Interview. How to face an interview?

Believe in yourself before you face an interview. Experience shared by a Veteran to help candidates across the globe.

What you will learn

The finer points of how to face a job interview

Conduct and significance of written test and group discussion

What does an interviewer look for in a candidate

How to conduct yourself as you enter the interview room, walk up to the table and sit in front of the panel

How to answer the question “Something about “yourself”

How a candidate is being observed by the interviewer

Questions about application of book knowledge to real life situations

Some general questions and how to answer them

Expecting unexpected questions and dealing with tough questions

Points to remember during a telephonic interview

How to communicate during an interview


If you are a candidate seeking a job and about to face a job interview or if you are an HR executive about to conduct a job interview. This course based on experience of an Army officer who has himself conducted numerous interviews is just right for you.

Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid, an Army Veteran and a post graduate in Engineering and Finance with a Doctorate in management explains to the prospective job candidates how to display their qualities, which are already present in them, to the interview panel and thus win their dream job.

On the other hand, if you happen to be an HR personnel who is required to conduct interviews and select potential candidates, you can learn from the four decades of experience of Col Shahid as to what to look for in a candidate being interviewed for a job.

It is a win-win opportunity for both, the candidate as well as the employer or the interviewer.

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This 90 minutes session, in its true sense, is the Art of facing job interviews as well as conducting job interviews. It will be of immense benefit to the job seekers as well as the job givers.   The entire process of selecting a candidate for a job, right from the stage of a written test to group discussion and final interview is described in great detail.

The speaker himself has interviewed a large number of candidates for various jobs during his four decades of work experience. He knows the subject well and speaks to the point without any glamour, frills or divergence thus, respecting the value of time.




Significance of the written test
Significance of a group discussion
What does an interviewer look for in a candidate?
Before you enter the interview room…
As you walk to the interview table…
As you sit in front of the interview panel…
Please tell us something about you…
Suggest something about “you”…
Analyzing what you said about yourself…
You are being observed…
Application of knowledge to real life situations… Part 1
Application of knowledge to real life situations… Part 2
Some more questions…Part 1
Some more questions…Part 2
An unexpected question…
Points to be remembered during a telephonic interview…
Conclusion and thank you note

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