Telepathic Animal Communicator Insights

Messages from the Animals Conveyed Through Animal Communicators


What You Will Learn

Understand why animal communicators often recommend a vegan diet to help bring peace to the animals, humans and the Earth

Understand how eating high vibration foods helps to raise our vibration and attract positive energy to us

Understand how the vegan diet provides energetic and spiritual protection

Understand how the vegan diet can feed the human population many times over and eradicate human hunger


  • No experience needed, just an inquisitive nature


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This course was inspired by the messages from the animals. Many animals are urging their people to uplift their energetic vibration and their spiritual level. Many animals are sharing that the time right now on Earth is very important, and they encourage us to spend our time wisely with a dedication to our upliftment. They wish to see us raise our vibration and to raise the amount of love that we are radiating into the world. The vegan diet is crucial for this. Learn how the vegan diet benefits us on a spiritual and energetic level. Learn about our “energetic biology,” how to attract positive energy, and gain some amazing insights from the animal beings. The concept of predatory vs peaceful is introduced. Diet is explored through the lens of the doctrine of signatures, with some traditional Chinese medicine energetic components also discussed. Wisdom of the cows and our interconnection is shared, as well as insights from some animals about how they are treated, and how they wish to be treated to maintain their dignity. The concept of Ahimsa is introduced, fittingly through the cows. Information is shared about environmental destruction and species being threatened or extinct. The way that we use land for agriculture is discussed, as well as how to maximise land use so that we can feed the entire population efficiently.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is invaluable for those interested in telepathic animal communication, animal reiki and animal healing. It is also valuable for anyone wanting to lift their own energetic vibration, to attract more positive energy into their lives, and to raise the energetic vibration of their home for their family and their beloved pets. Vegans and vegetarians with an interest in spirituality and energy will love this course. Those who connect and communicate with nature (plants, trees etc.) will also love this course.

Course content

1 section • 6 lectures • 1h 53m total length

  • Loving Wisdom from Animal Communicators

    Course content

    1 section • 6 lectures • 1h 53m total length

    • Loving Wisdom from Animal Communicators


    • Messages From The Animals: Please Uplift The world


    • Spiritual and Energetic Protection


    • Energetic Biology. What Energy Do We Radiate?


    • Animal Agriculture and Global Food Shortage


    • Clearing Up The Clouds – Run to the Rescue with Love!


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