Teaching measurement and pattern making for kids' clothes

This pattern making method is proper for the 2-12 years old kids

What you will learn

Measurement for kid’s clothes (2-12 years old)

The kid’s front waist patternmaking

The kid’s sleeve patternmaking

The half circle skirt patternmaking

The circle skirt patternmaking


you learn the kid’s measurement first the basic measurements for the kid’s pattern making are horizontal body measurements such as neck round, bust round, waist round, hip round, and vertical body measurements such as full height from the top of head to the floor And the full length For dress or other clothes, side shoulder length and also, upper arm round, the kid’s sleeve length are needed for sleeve pattern making

In pattern making

We have the basic lines drawing and marking the measurements on the basic lines and finally, by connecting the lines and drawing the curves I explained you can draw the front waist pattern and the kid’s sleeve pattern more completely and correctly and finally, the allowed ease for the unfitted clothes has been explained

The formula for circle skirts

and half circle skirts pattern making

Have been explained

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That it can be marked directly

on the fabric or performed on the paper

This pattern making method Is proper for the 2-12 years old kids and there is no difference between pattern making for girls or boys

The students are able to learn the kid’s pattern making without any prerequisite however, for the basic sewing it is enough to be able to set up a sewing machine



Welcome to patternmaking

Kid’s clothes measurement

The kid’s front waist pattern

The kid’s front waist pattern

The kid’s back waist pattern

The kid’s back waist pattern

The kid’s sleeve pattern

The kid’s sleeve pattern

The kid’s skirt pattern

The kid’s skirt pattern

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