Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime Basic to Advance Bundle Course

A Combo Course for Accounting, Financial, Data Analysis, Auditors Get Expert Knowledge of Tally ERP and Tally Prime

What you will learn

Complete Tally ERP 9 and latest Tally Prime Course

How to Create Company in Tally

What is a Tally ERP Account Group?

Inventory and inventory management in Tally ERP

Learn to create ledger and Understanding Group

How do I work with Ledger & Trail Balance in Tally ERP and tally Prime

What type of voucher does Tally use?

How to Enter the Transaction in the Voucher?

Dealing Bank and Cash Reconciliations

What is the inventory creation process

What is godown and How to activate Goddown?

How to make a warehouse?

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Payroll in Tally

Cost Center and Cost Categories


ABOUT TALLY ERP 9 and Tally Prime

Tally.ERP 9 and Prime Versions are the fastest and most powerful multilingual software for multilingual business accounting and inventory management. Tally.ERP 9 was developed exclusively for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and is fully integrated, cost-effective and highly reliable software. It is the technology on which all business accounting solutions will one day be built. Tally.ERP 9 manages all ledgers, from voucher entries to diaries and more.

In this course you will study advanced financial accounting with Tally ERP as well as the new tax system

Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advanced Training Course 2021

Tally ERP 9 has advanced integration in the form of an application programming interface to make the software extensible. Tally ERP 9 is the most advanced Tally ERP software on the market. In the course content, participants will learn in detail how to manage and manage accounts, inventory, and payment slips at Tally.

This is a complete training covering all the topics and options available on Tally. This course is designed to work independently with one account. It doesn’t matter if you are new or experienced in accounting, or if you are a business owner looking to manage the account. You are in the right place because Tally ERP 9 is a very good and simple software that allows you to make complete business decisions that is easy to learn and use.

By registering for this course, you will learn:

Accounting basics, such as: B. Debits and credits that help you understand and issue records securely.

Learn how to transfer account information from physical books to Tally.

Set inventory details and filter reports as specific ownership ownership with specific functionality.

Example: How many laptops with i5 processors are available in your store?

Bank reconciliation – reconciliation of bank statement entries with your bank account entries.

Find out more about applying really necessary and advanced GST topics such as GST nets, chargebacks, freight forwarding agents and how to enter some appropriate entries in the accounting diary.

Find out the company’s full salary (employee attendance) which is equivalent to the government. specified reduction rate.

Learn about the manufacturing process where you can determine the price of the items you make from the prices of the various parts/components that go into assembling the product.

Meanwhile, you will learn to customize the sales invoice number form, which looks like this – BN / 001 / 19-20 and many others.

Learn a large amount of the above topics in 8 hours, as opposed to short courses that teach at the elementary level or long courses which take longer than necessary.

In addition to learning to use Tally, consider maintaining consistent accounting practices.

What you can expect from this course:

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This is a basic guide for Tally, which means you will learn all the basic and basic concepts that are used every day.

Think of this course as a solid foundation for counting.

You can study the topic in advance and independently without any effort.


This course is for educational purposes and is not intended to provide advice on corporate accounting/compliance.

I hope you have benefited from the insights you have gained in this course.

Have a good study.

Whose yard is this?

Here are some important things Tally can do:

Reporting for all types of transactions such as payments, receipts, sales, purchases

Manage your banking business through bank reconciliation

Inventory management

Tax Administration

Job performance analysis

Cost center and cost category for IIA and internal control

Pay and pay with employee data

At some point you will learn many other functions



Tally ERP 9 Training

Introduction to Tally ERP
Create a New Company in Tally
Understanding the Interface of Tally ERP
Understanding Tally Masters and Single Ledger Creation Mode
Entering Ledgers From Multi Ledger Creation Mode
Using Alter Mode and Entering Further Ledger Balances
Entering Customer and Supplier With Control Account Opening
Inventory Creation and their opening balances
Cash Purchases of Fixed Assets in Tally
Dealing With Prepaid Rent In Tally
Dealing With Security Deposits in Tally
Dealing with Paint and Renovation Expenses
Received Cash from Customer Against Opening Balance
Entering Purchase Invoices on Credit
Entering Purchase Invoice With New Vendor
Handing Cash Sales In Tally
Dealing With Customer Advances
Handling Sales Orders
Entering Direct Sales In Tally
Dealing With Purchase Orders in Tally
Dealing With Bad Debts
Purchase of Services
Partial Payments of Purchase Invoices
Convert Sales Order to Sales Invoice
Your Opinion Matters
Dealing With Purchase Return
Dealing With Sales Returns in Tally
Customer Full Account Settlement Against Cash
Convert Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice
Loss of Inventory Adjustments in Tally
Rent Expense Adjusted Against Advance Rent Prepayment
Extracting Trial Balance Report
Extracting Profit and Loss Account
Extracting Balance Sheet Report
Report Customization in Tally ERP
Introduction to Manufacturing Company Assignment
Creating a New Manufacturing Company in Tally
Entering Opening Ledgers and Their Balances
Customer and Vendor Opening Balances and Control Account Linkage
Inventory Opening Balances and Control Account Linkage
Method of Bill of Material For Finished Goods
Accrued Expenses Paid by Cash
Purchased Order Placement to Vendor
Converting Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice
Direct Purchase of Multiple items in One Invoice
Entering Sales Order of Finished Goods Without Stock
Cash Taken out of Bank
Receiving Payments from Customers
Customer Partial Receipts Settlement
Dealing With Service Invoices on Credit
Cash Purchase Of Services in Tally
Receipt of Customer Advances
Dealing With Customer Sales Order Against Finished Goods
Travelling Expenses Paid By Bank
Dealing With Repair and Maintenance Expenses
Purchasing Motor Vehicles By Cash
Manufacturing Finished Goods From Raw Material
Producing Finished Goods Assemblies
Entering Bad Debts in Manufacturing Company
Convert Sales Order to Sales Invoice
Entering Direct Sales In Tally
Partial Conversion of Sales Order to Invoice
Receiving Money From Customers Against Pending Bills
Dealing With Partial Payments for Vendors
Dealing With Payments of Fixed assets and Liabilities
Purchase return Debit note Treatment in Tally
Sales Return Credit Note Treatment
Purchase of Direct Services in Cash
Dealing With Drawings for Manufacturing Company
Dealing With Inventory Loss in Manufacturing Company
Transfer of Utility Bills to Accrued Expenses
Trial Balance Report and File to Reconcile
Closing Reports

FAQs Tally ERP 9

Taking Company Backup
Restoring the Backup File in Tally
Deleting a Company
Supplier Account Reconciliation
Manage Stock at Multiple Locations by Godowns
Defining Standard Rates in Tally
Vat Report Customization to Columnar format
Managing Staff Advances with Cost Centre Feature
Full Payroll System in Tally
User Access Rights in Tally
Dealing With Foreign Currencies and Exchange Rates in Tally
Print Invoices in Tally – Complete Print Settings
Use of Statistics Report
Setting Reorder Level in Tally
Import of Data in Tally
Setting Discounts on Sales Invoices

Tally Prime Training

Installation of Tally Prime on Your Laptop
Creating New Company and Alternation of Details
Learn to Use Short keys in Tally
Introduction to Assignment
Company Creation for New Assignment
Dealing With Initial Capital Investment in Business
Dealing with Contra Entries In Tally Prime
Pay for the Purchase Invoice in Cash Agst Ref
Purchase Of Fixed Assets in Tally
Entering Sales Invoice as Voucher
Recording Salaries in Tally
Rent Received By Cash
Recording General Purchase Invoice
How to Extract Reports in Tally
Alter and Edit Tally Groups Ledgers and Transactions
Printing Reports in Tally
Record Opening Balances Part 1
Record Opening Balances Part 2
Record Opening Balances Part 3
Extract Important Reports in Tally
How to Edit or Alter Ledgers in Tally Prime
Introduction and Company Creation
Entering All Opening Balances Batch Entry
Recording Company Transactions Part 1
Recording Company Transactions Part 2
Dealing With Contra Entries in Tally
Wages Payment in Tally
Dealing With Credit Sales In Tally Prime
Handling Purchase Returns in Tally
Dealing With Rent Income
Record Other Transactions and Extracting Reports
Introduction to BRS
Bank Reconciliation Assignment Scenario Explained
Create Company and Record Opening Balances
Record All Transactions Part 1
Record All Transactions Part 2
Bank Reconciliation Part 1
Bank Reconciliation Part 2
Godowns and Inventory Creation Introduction
Company Creation and Opening Balances
Godowns Creation In Tally
Stock Groups and UOM Creation
Dealing With Stock Items in Tally Prime
Record All Transactions Part 1
Record All Transactions Part 2
Purchase Returns With Multiple Godowns in Tally Prime
Dealing With Sales Returns With Multiple Godowns
Final Reports of The Assignment
Introduction to Manufacturing Accounts
Setting up BOM and Other Config
Manufacturing Finished Goods From Raw Material
Sales of Finished Goods in Tally
Final Reports
Payroll Basic Configuration
Units and Attendance Types
Dealing With Pay heads Creation Part 1
Dealing With Pay heads Creation Part 2
Group and Individual Salary Details
Finalizing Payroll Process
Generating Payroll Reports
GST Scenario Explained and Company Creation
GST and Stock Groups Configuration
Recording GST Transactions Part 1
Recording GST Transactions Part 2

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