Supply chain management interview question and answers

Supply chain management interview question and answers

Better prepared for the interview

Good chances of converting interview to appointment

Key solutions for SCM questions

Will get SCM question bank for interview preparation


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About Course

Interview questions and answers, Q&A, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Purchasing, Sourcing, procurement, Inventory, warehouse, analytics, scheduling


Answering Interview Questions with Confidence

While you may be able to find tons of Q&A related to general topics, there is very little guidance available from domain specialists on specific technical/operational topics, esp in supply chain and allied domains.

Whatever is available are few, not focused and organized.

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We tried to collect the questions from the candidates who have attended the interview in the last few months, in supply chain domains. The answers to these questions are available in this program.

In order to be better prepared, we have combined the questions related to all sub-domains within supply chain like Demand planning, purchasing, Inventory, logistics, etc, and also at all the levels starting to form junior levels. This will give an overview of the entire end to end supply chain management

Most of the time, the interviewer expects you to provide convincing answers within a few minutes. Accordingly, all these sessions were of 3 minutes durations

For  100 supply chain Q&A  will be a paid version.

We hope our videos will help you out to prepare for your supply chain management interview

Wish you all the best in your job search

Who this course is for:

  • People going to attend interview on SCM domain
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