Success Blueprint

Mapping Your Success Journey


What You Will Learn

Create a blueprint for their own success journey — a map to their dream.

Learn how anything is possible.

Gain multiple levels of focus necessary for success.

Incorporate productivity hacks to make success easy and fun.


  • The only requirement for this course is a dream.


You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to… but what if you don’t believe your mind can follow through?

Celebrating  the launch of Success Blueprint with an introductory price of FREE until August 31st when the course goes back to its original price of $97. Act now if you want in!

This course is about expanding your idea of what is possible so that you can tap into your deepest desires and pursue your destiny. Learn the 4xFocus Method for dialing into focus and making miracles happen.

Using 14 video modules with short but potent lessons that are easily digestible, learn the 4xFocus Method of pursuing success. Focus has multiple aspects — use all of them!

This course includes the Success Blueprint workbook that helps you to implement the ideas that we are learning. Part journal, part manifestation notebook, and part planner — you will map your journey and have an operating blueprint by the end of the course.

Topics we cover:

  1. Designing your life purposefully and with intention
  2. Thrive in confidence
  3. Layer focus for unstoppable progress
  4. Dial down doubt and procrastination
  5. Tap into inspiration with a growth mindset
  6. Align goals with values
  7. Taking inspired action
  8. Implement powerful goal setting and planning techniques
  9. Gain traction by overcoming fear
  10. Turn obstacles into opportunity

You can spend your life ignoring your innermost dream — it will still be there, only it will get louder and more uncomfortable the longer you ignore it.

It’s time to pick it up now and live a life filled with the fulfillment that was meant for you through your unique destiny.

It’s easy when you have the blueprint!

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Who this course is for:

  • This course is for the person who believes that greatness lies within and just need some signposts to guide the way.
  • A success mindset is important for people who seek independent success: artists, creatives, coaches, and entrepreneurs.
  • The 4xFocus Method will help people who are easily distracted, listless, drifting in their life, lacking motivation.

Course content

9 sections • 16 lectures • 1h 56m total length

  • Introduction


  • Stargazing


  • North Star


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