Storytelling in Business for Young Entrepreneurs

Your story is your success (or at least a part of it) as we learn about The Business of Who.

What you will learn

How the four most important questions of your life create your story

What is a GOOD story as it relates to your business

The three important ways of “framing” your story

Why your story is correlated to your success


The Business of Who teaches your story as an asset to your business. Identity is the foundation of marketing, purpose, and community. Taking the time to examine who you are and who you want to build a strong foundation for your story. When you understand what a story is, both in and out of the classroom, you will recognize the power of your own. Thereby, the goal of this course is to understand storytelling and its role in your journey, both professional and personal. It’s to capture the elements of the story as they relate to you, your business, and the reality your products create. To get there, we’ll make sure to cover the objective mechanics of storytelling and avoid the traps many fall into.

With that foundational knowledge, your business will go from an operation to a full-formed body that walks, talks, and breathes. A fully formed business is easier to relate to, easier to invest in, and easier to grow with.

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This is a foundational course on storytelling in business for early entrepreneurs and leaders. The curriculum stems from a summer lecture series given at Wharton School of Business a few years ago. While the course covers specific concepts, this is also a space to understand who you are and why it’s important to your success




The End is in the Beginning
Who Am I?
Story vs. GOOD Story
Once Upon a Time…
Stories Connect Where Data Doesn’t
The Importance of Being You

The Four Most Important Questions of Your Life

Who Am I?
How Did I Become That Person?
Who Do I Want to Be?
How Do I Becoming that Person?

Framing Your Story

Frame it 3-Ways
What People Think
What You Claim
What is True


Imposter Syndrome
Imposter No More
One Last Imposter Thought
The End is in the Beginning, Pt 2

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