Start selling online on Daraz | eCommerce in Pakistan

a Complete course about Daraz and eCommerce in Pakistan in Urdu Language

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Online Business

Product Research


Daraz Basic Selling Video course is the first-ever course on Udemy Daraz and eCommerce in Pakistan.

This is a comprehensive Video course to begin and grow your eCommerce business with Pakistan’s largest marketplace, i.e. daraz. In this

This Virtual Training Camp will enable the learners and entrepreneurs to become experts of eCommerce, particularly selling and growing eCommerce businesses with Daraz.

Daraz is a preeminent eCommerce platform within South Asia and owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited, enabling thousands of retailers to join with their target audience. It’s not only an online mall but a marketplace and a society, as it trains more than 5000 fresh dealers regarding e-commerce transactions in a month. Consequently, we can proudly say that Daraz is a university for entrepreneurs.

Daraz aims to remove obstacles and make it easy for people to trade online and learn the digital economy in-depth. Daraz not only behaves as intermediation but also ensures excellent service and supervision of the enrolled sellers by a Seller Support Team that grants online support 24/7. Today, Daraz is operating in Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

This course has detailed sessions/ lectures about:

Introduction to eCommerce and Daraz

creating seller account on daraz, requirements for daraz mall.

Product research/ hunting in Pakistan

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Product listing best practices, creating your brand on daraz.

Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD) and Fulfilment by Seller (FBS)

Orders & Reviews management

Campaigns, vouchers, and promotions management

Understanding Daraz Finances.

and many more topics related to selling online on daraz in Pakistan

all these lectures are recorded in the Urdu Language with English presentations on screen.

for further videos and updates, you may join me on Youtube where I share updates on weekly bases (search Khalidgraphy)



Introduction & Starting with Daraz

Introduction to eCommerce and Daraz
Starting with Daraz as Seller

Product Research and Listing on Daraz

Product Research for Daraz
Product Listing on Daraz
Brand Creation on Daraz

FBD, FBS, order Promotions and Finances of Daraz

Fulfilment by Daraz (FBD) intro
FBD Portal on Daraz
Fulfilment by Seller (FBS) order management
Reviews and Rating on Daraz
Finances on Daraz
Promotions and campaigns on Daraz
Bundles Creation on Daraz
Free Shipping Management

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