SQL – Learn SQL using SQL Server

Master all the basics of SQL in this course that covers all you need to be ready using SQL in SQL Server

What you will learn


SQL Server

Create Databases and Tables

Retrieve Data

Write SQL queries


Whether you are a computer science student, an aspiring data analyst or a future data engineer, SQL is one of the most essential skills for you to succeed in your Data career. SQL will enable you to store and retrieve exactly the Data you need by writing the right queries.

Learn SQL by doing in this step-by-step course that covers all you need to start working with SQL.

I am a certified Data Engineer and I have been working for multiple companies including Fortune 500 companies like IBM and SAP. I am using SQL in my day-to-day job for our customers’ projects and I have gathered here all you need to start writing SQL queries.

This course is intended for people with little no no SQL experience.

At the end of this course, you will become confident in using SQL Server by writing the most used SQL queries

You will learn how to :

– Create a Database

– Create Tables

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– Retrieve Data

– Write simple and complex SQL queries including queries with Group By clauses

– Use Joins to join data between multiple tables

and much more !

Today, SQL Server is one of the most used SQL Database Management System and is often used by many companies including Fortune 500 companies.

This will be your 1-on-1 course where you can ask all questions you have in the dedicated section. I will be glad to assist you in your learning journey.



Getting Started

Installation of SQL Server
Introduction Quiz

Create your Database

CREATE Database

DDL : Create, Alter, Drop Table

CREATE statement
ALTER statement
DROP statement

DML: Data Manipulation Language

INSERT Statement
SELECT Statement
Retrieve all rows
Filter results with the WHERE Clause
WHERE Clause
UPDATE and DELETE Statements

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