SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Basic Part Modeling by Omar Koryakin

This Solidworks tutorial is for students , engineers , and designers. Perfect for basic and intermediate users in mind

What you will learn

Learning by doing – discover a new design path every 10 minutes

Fast learning approach for all levels: learn as fast as you can in the shortest possible time

Design complex shapes and create innovative models.

Learn the essentials: Assembly, Simulation, Sheetmetal, Structural member, Sheet metal, and more

Design real life parts and projects such as coils, springs, pipes, ducts, turbines, camshaft, and more


SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Basic Part Modeling by Omar Koryakin

This Solidworks tutorial is for students , engineers , and designers. Perfect for basic and intermediate users in mind

  • If You are a Fan of Mechanical Design then this is for you…
  • If You are a Mechanical Engineer then this is for you… &
  • If you are a Mechanical Design Engineer then this is especially for you… Every Dimensions & tricks of the Design will be shown in most simplified manner.

No Lengthy videos and to the point tutorials So, You’re Most Welcome. By: Omar Koryakin Mechanical Design Engineer

With zero prior experience, you may begin your journey to become a Solidworks professional today!

This is a condensed course that will teach you all you need to know about Solidworks in order to become a qualified Solidworks associate. This course should prepare you to utilize Solidworks to create your next innovation with confidence. You will be able to proudly put your Solidworks talents in your résumé after completing this course.

This is not a short course for getting the certificate . For you to really grasp all of the abilities required for the certification exam, we are using a learn-by-doing strategy.

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I would like to emphasize that no prior experience is required, and there is nothing to buy or pay for!!! You will simply require Solidworks.

You will receive the following benefits as a result of taking this course:

  • Access to all 16 lectures for the rest of your life is completely free (increasing over time).
  • All subsequent upgrades and supplementary lectures will always be free.
  • Udemy offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. – However, we are confident that you would enjoy the course.
  • Bonuses are added on a regular basis to help you learn more. – a plethora of interesting topics!

Later courses topics from Multi Edu will be about Solidworks particle study documentation and professional spring study as well as draft points in Solidworks as these topics have been requested by sizable learners.

My second Udemy course solidworks particle study documentation is now live for anyone who is interested to learn about CFD analysis.

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Coils and Springs

How to create a circular spring
How to create a spiral coil
How to create a double coil spring
How to create a ball spring

Hollow Parts

How to create a pipe tee
How to create an elbow duct
How to create a nut
How to create a flange

Sheet Metal and Weldments

How to fold and unfold a sheet metal part
How to create a weldment steel structure

Miscellaneous Items

How to create a simple table
How to create a glass bowl
How to create a fidget toy

Automotive Parts

How to create a camshaft
How to create a piston part 1
How to create a piston part 2
How to create a turbine blade

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