Smartphone video workshop

Making professional videos NOW

What you will learn

Learn about the proper gear

Learn Script writing

Learn on camera techniques

Learn how to shoot like a Pro

Learn to Edit like a Pro


Are you a small business owner, sales rep, manufacturer of a product, or are you hoping to make great looking smartphone videos of your vacation? Well in this simple course you will be able to create professional looking videos all with your smartphone. You will learn how to write a script using the formula: the hook, the story, and the clothes. By the time you are done with the course you will understand shot composition otherwise know as the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. Before you know it you will have the confidence to shoot your video. This is an exciting time. Content video done your way! Finally you will learn how to edit with a professional video production editing app called Adobe Premier Rush. The idea behind creating content video is that you can create lots of content video. Not to be too cheesy but, This course will put the power of content video production in your hands.
I have a strong passion for teaching the things that I love. This is why I am creating the course for you. The biggest issue I’ve found with people who want to create their own content videos is they just don’t know how. They start a video, they feel silly and then they quit. They know they need to but they attach too much pain to the process. I’m here to take that pain away.
So, if you’re ready to learn content video shot on your smart phone then please consider my course “The smartphone video making Workshop“

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The Proper Gear

The Gimbal
The Smartmic +

Script Writing

“The Hook, Story, Close” a winning formula

Shooting great looking videos with your Smartphone

Shoot and edit like a pro!
The Product Demo using a gimbal
The 30 second commercial with actors

Shoot and Edit

Editing the Product Demo Video

On Camera Delivery

Being on camera with confidence
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