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ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator Practice Test 2022

Get certified in ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator

What you will learn

Learn about ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator

Improve your knowledge on ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator

Test yourself on ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator

Get certified in ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator


Well-designed practice tests that will help you pass ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator. Although this is not the real certification exam, but these preparation tests cover the vast majority of the exam material. If you pass these practice tests, you should be pretty confident you will pass the real exam. It consists of 2 practice tests each one of them consists of 60 questions plus one Bonus 20 Q (Total number of questions is 140)

Exam Purpose

Prepare for the ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator (CSA) exam with the most comprehensive set of practice questions with detailed explained answers, all built in the latest release!

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The CSA exam certifies that you have the skills and essential knowledge to contribute to the ServieceKnao system’s configuration, implementation, and maintenance.

Exam Preparation

Exam questions are based on official ServieceKnao training materials, the ServieceKnao documentation site, and the ServieceKnao developer site. It should not be considered the official study or exam materials and should only be used to practice for the actual mainline exam.

Exam Scope

User Interface & Navigation (20%)

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  • ServieceKnao Overview
  • Lists and Filters
  • Forms and Templates
  • Branding

Collaboration (20%)

  • User Administration
  • Task Management
  • Notifications
  • Reporting

Database Administration (30%)

  • Data Schema
  • CMDB
  • Application/Access Control
  • Import Sets

Self-Service & Process Automation (20%)

  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Catalogue
  • Workflows/Flow Designer

Introduction to Development (10%)

  • Scripting
  • Migration and Integration
  • Development

Exam Structure

The exam consists of approximately (60) questions. For each question on the examination, there are multiple possible responses. You should review the response options and select the most correct answer to the question.

  • Multiple Choice (single answer)For each multiple-choice question on the exam, there are at least four possible responses. You should review the response options and select the one response most accurately answers the question.
  • Multiple Select (select all that apply)For each multiple-select question on the exam, there are at least four possible responses. The question will state how many responses should be selected. You should review the response options and select ALL responses that accurately answer the question. Multiple-select questions have two or more correct responses.

Who this course is for:

  • ServieceKnao customers, partners, sales engineers and others interested in becoming a ServieceKnao Certified System Administrator
  • IT Professionals
  • Anyone who are preparing for (CSA) Exam Certification

Best of luck!

  • Type : Multiple Choice – select
  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Number of Questions : 40–60
  • Passing score : 70%

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