Self-Improvement Mastery through Personal Transformation

Improve your Self-Esteem, take Responsibility for life, and become Assertive person in Personal Transformation course

Self-Esteem, Personal Responsibility, Positive Assertiveness


  • Only a desire to get better in your life


This course consists of 5 sections:



3)Personal responsibility

4)Positive Assertiveness


Section 1 is opening one and prepares us for a quick, productive start.

Sections 2-4 are the main three topics we will go through at the time of the course. Each section includes a few lectures with bonus materials, exercises, and quizzes, additionally. You will have the opportunity to receive almost 90 percent of information through video, so I highly recommend taking notes while listening. If you do not understand one of these videos or part of them, you can always watch it again or contact me directly.

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Section 5 is the last one in this course, where we will say to each other: “Bye, for the next course.”  I hope my explanation was pretty comprehendible and give you a concise understanding of how this course build. See you in lectures, my dear reader!


This course is part of my life vision, as it helps me to bring value to people. I hope everything worthy you gain from it would be significant for your future. Time is limited, and our true power to use it with meaning!


Just remember that investment in yourself always pays dividends with the highest interest rate!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to start / continue the journey on the path to personal success
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