Salesforce Flows Basics (Record Triggered – AFTER FLOW)

Automate Business Process With Point and Clicks Using Flows – Part 2

What you will learn

Automate Stuff using Point n Click

Real life Examples/Requirements

You’ll learn ACTIONS AND RELATED RECORDS Flow with 6 Real Time Requirement/Examples/Use Cases.

Go with the Flow


Can you Automate Business Process without writing single line of code? Is it possible?
Well YESS.

With FLOWS, we can Automate Business Processes and can perform complex logics without writing single line of Code.

Just with the help of POINT n CLICK/ DRAG n DROP we can automate a lot of stuff which was previously not possible without APEX CODE.

In this course, you’ll learn all the basics of FLOW, specifically RECORD TRIGGERED FLOW (FAST FIELD UPDATE).

After completing this course, you’ll be able to Automate Business Processes just with the help of POINT N CLICK.

Why you should learn FLOWS?
As we all know, WORKFLOW RULE and PROCESS BUILDER are retiring so this is the best time to learn FLOWS and the demand for Salesforce Administrator with expertise in FLOWS is on rise.

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We’ll cover topics of flows while working on real-time project/requirement so you have a better understanding of what you can expect in your job.

This course is for everyone, even if you know how to deal with Flows still, you’ll learn how to tackle different kind of requirements using FLOWS.

FLOWS are considered as NO-CODE/LOW-CODE as these can be complex depending on the requirement.

Build your LOW CODE Development skills with this course.



Record Triggered Flow (Actions and Related Records)

Requirement 1 (Send Simple Email)
Requirement 2 (Send Email using Email Alert)
Requirement 3 (Delete Related Records)
Requirement 4 (Create a Record)
Requirement 5 (Update Related/Sibling Records)
Requirement 6 (Push Notification using Flow)

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