SAFe Agilist 5.1 (SA)/Disciplined agile scrum master DASM.

Get new and original questions for these two certifications

What you will learn

Get to know new sample questions

test your knowledge related to the main concepts

Practice with new and original mock tests

Get unique and original questions to face this test


New and original questions elaborated to really test your knowledge on these two certifications.

Get ready to face:

– Disciplined agile scrum master DASM.

– SAFe Agilist 5.1 (SA)

key areas of competency

  • Explain SAFe® Agile Principles
  • Plan Iterations
  • Plan Program Increments
  • Execute Iterations and demonstrate value
  • Improve Agile Release Train processes
  • Integrate and work with other teams on the Agile Release Train
  • Perform as a member of an Agile Team on an Agile Release Train

These tests are new and original, in that way you will have more experience training with more mock tests, in that way you will be ready  to face the actual certification.

these questions are meant to help you recognize, the main topics you will face in the real certification.

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Recommendations: First you should study fully, the topics you think are going to be touched in the actual exam, then answer each of these tests, there you will get an honest answer about your knowledge, and finally work on these tests to improve your final score on the actual exam.

Now some important information about the certifications:

My recommendation, here is to study your material, then face these questions to really have a good idea, how your knowledge level is.

You won’t be alone, if you have any questions, just let me know, and I will answer in less than 24 hours.

An important aspect is that I will keep updating the questions so you always be ready to face the exam.

Go ahead, and take these tests, you have a lot to win and nothing to lose, enroll now and see you inside the course.



Test 3. Disciplined agile scrum master DASM.

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