Raspberry Pi Bitcoin (BTC) Mining with Gekkoscience Newpac

How to setup the Gekkoscience Newpac for SOLO mining on the Raspberry Pi

What you will learn

How to write the Raspberry Pi OS image to a MicroSD card

Connecting to the Raspberry Pi through SSH

Install & configure CGMiner on the Raspberry Pi for the Gekkoscience Newpac

Creating a shell script to start the miner

Configure the Raspberry Pi to start the miner upon boot


Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Mining with Gekkoscience Newpac course!

Here we will take your Raspberry Pi perform all the steps in order to run your Newpac USB miner successfully!

The command line can be a daunting task for any user. Not to worry, all the commands used in this course will be documented and attached for your use to copy and paste to make things as easy as possible.

By the end of this course you’ll have your Raspberry Pi running your Newpac miner, accepting work to support the blockchain!

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The best part about this course is you can use any Raspberry Pi that you may have laying around. As long as it has a wireless card and a USB port on the Raspberry Pi you can use it! Make sure to use a power supply that provides enough amperage to power both the Raspberry Pi and Newpac. The regular Raspberry Pi power supplies should provide enough amperage, just make sure you’re using 2.5A rated or greater.

This course is made for educational purposes for the simple fun and not making money. It’s no secret that these little miners are out performed by much larger miners. This is a good entry level device to learn how mining works and to run for fun!





Getting to Work

Download and Write Raspberry Pi OS to SD Card
Boot Up & Update
Install, Configuring CGMiner, & First Test
Creating Shell Script, Start Miner at Boot & Conclusion

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