Python From Basic to Advanced with GUI Projects

Learn Python by building Awesome GUI Applications, Automating task and building games.

What you will learn

Build executable Applications.

Develop scripts for performing Unique Task.

Be able to make their Applications executable.

Be able to Build Applications for Automating different task.

In depth understanding of functions in Programming .

Understand an Object Oriented Programming.

Understand how to work with Classes.

Be able to build their personal Applications of choice.

Be able to develop Applications for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


This Course exposes you to better tricks on how to be a professional programmer, you will learn from the basic level to building advanced applications with beautiful GUI. This is one of the most requested skill of 2020.

This course is well thought with all topics covered in detail with projects implemented in every section. This course will teach you python programming in a practical manner with quizzes, tests and assignment.

We will start by teaching you how to download python and getting it installed in your computer system.

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In this course we will cover all the major topics required to be better than anyone out there, including:

  • Installing Python
  • Variables and datatype
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • List comprehension
  • Methods
  • Built-in-Functions
  • Debugging Error
  • args/Kwargs
  • map, reduce and filter
  • File Manipulations
  • Classes and OOP
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Generating Executable Script
  • Tkinter GUI
  • and much more

Who this Course is for:

  • Beginners who really want to be good in programming.
  • Programmers who want to learn python to enable them become qualified for their dream Job.
  • Technology Enthusiast who want to be part of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Revolution



Course Introduction
Installing Python(Step by Step)
How to Comment in Python

Variables and Datatypes

Variable Assignment
Collecting User Input

Saving and Executing Files

How to create an Executable File


If Statements in Python
If Elif and Else Statements in Python
Python Grading System Solutions


For Loops in Python
For Loop Continued
While Loops in Python
Break in Python
Continue Statement In Python
Fibonnaci Series Solution in Python


Basics on String in Python
String Continued
Advanced String in Python
Boolean String Methods in Python
String Split in Python
Strings Join in Python
Strings Replace in Python

Exception Handling

Error Handling in Python
Try Except in Python
Try Except and Else in Python
Handling Multiple Errors in Python

List,Tuples and Dictionary

Basics of List in Python
List and Slice in Python
List Methods in Python
Tuple in Python
Tuple and Slice in Python
Tuple Unpacking
Dictionaries in Python
Nested Dictionary in Python
Dictionary Conversion

Functions and Modules

Creating Modules
Inbuilt Module in Python
Functions in Python
Kwargs in Function
Lambda Function
Pass in Python
Recursive Function In Python

Time and Date

Calendar Module in Python
Calendar Project Answer
Time Module in Python
Time Directive in Python
Datetime in Python
Time Project
Progress bar Project in Python

List Comprehension

Basics on List Comprehension
Nested List Comprehension
Examples on List Comprehension
Map, Filter and Reduce in Python
Matrix Transpose in Python
Text Extraction Solution

Map, Reduce and Filter Functions

Map Function in Python
Filter Function in Python
Reduce Function In Python

File Manipulations

Creating a Text File in Python
How to read lines of Text in Python
Renaming a File in Python
Creating a CSV File
Dictwriter on CSV file
DictReader on a CSV File
Reading a Row in CSV FIle
Temporary File in CSV Format
Add User Project Solution

Class and OOP

Introduction to Class in Python
Class and Method in Python
Class and Self in Python
Multiple Object in Python
Constructor in Python
Inheritance in Python
Special Functions in Python

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