Professional Logo Design on Canva for Etsy & Shopify Stores

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What you will learn

Learn Typography Styles

Review Logo Styles and their Meaning

Logo design process

Elements of a well designed logo

How to create a professional logo


Do you have a Etsy or Shopify store and want to create your own logo? Many logos are put together with no experience and miss out key elements to add a professional touch. It’s important because consumers associate with your brand through your logo.

If a logo doesn’t clearly communicate the brand, value, and vision there is big potential loss in new business. The logo is the face of your brand and needs to communicate to customers how the brand should be treated.

We’ll discuss about how to create the perfect fitting logo to match your branding and also how it ties into your digital marketing strategy.

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, store owners, etsy shop owners, shopify businesses, who have a business and designing their logo without creating a big budget custom job. You will learn how to maximize Canva and make the most of what the platform has to offer when creating your logo. Canva is an easy to use free platform with a wide range of functions to help all types of entrepreneurs.

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Lessons include fundamentals on typography, the styles of logos, and how to put together a logo that looks good for many uses in your branding strategy and advertising strategy.

If you’re ready to create your own professional logo, this class is for you!




Advantages of Good Logos
Logo Styles
Analysis of Logos on Etsy
Creating your Logo on Canva

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