Procurement & Supply Planning tools and techniques.

What you will learn

tools and techniques for your procurement journey!

Know the different kind of organizational purchases and the right inventory planning tools for them.

Master the forecasting of demand for supply planning

Excel in negotiation strategies as a procurement professional

How to segment your suppliers and negotiate with them accordingly.

Know the delivery terms used in Contracts and purchase orders

Know the different payment terms used in Contracts.

Use Make or Buy tools to make Purchasing decisions.

Understand the terms and conditions in Contracts.

Know the steps of the Tender Process.

How to evaluate suppliers and your assets turnover.

Use MPS and MRP to plan for the quantity and time of issuing orders for material and components.

The inventory techniques the procurement professional should know.


Welcome to Procurement & supply planning tools and techniques. In this course, we will learn  :

1-how to do forecasting for purchasing and procurement purposes?

2- what are the strategies we use for negotiation with suppliers.

3- how to do make or buy decisions?

4- how to count for safety stock when buying finished products, materials, and components?

5- How to segment suppliers to maximize cost?

6- The difference between bidding strategies and when to choose each one of them.

7- The types of Contracts and when to choose one of them.

8- How to mitigate risk when sourcing

The course combines analytics and theory. during which, you will have a supply planning journey where you will be responsible for forecasting, planning for production, and Material requirement planning. 

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About the Instructor:

Consultant in Supply Chain Management & Business Intelligence

Rescale Analytics – Dubai

• Supply chain and data science consultant for several national and multinational clients in the UAE and France.

• Data Scientist, Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management from Bordeaux Ecole de Management, Bordeaux, France

Omar is a certified instructor in Supply Chain Analytics and holds a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in supply chain and data science  at the University of Bordeaux

He is currently conducting workshops and seminars in Supply chain and data science as well as consultancy projects for Multinational companies. Haytham conducted more than 70 workshops and gave lectures for three and a half years in logistics, supply chain management, and data science.




Supply chain overview
Supply chain Views
Objective of supply chain
Planning Tools
inventory planning tools
Why we need Procurement
Vertically integrated Procurement
Horizontally integrated supply chains.
The Procurement Space
The Procurement Space 2
What is the Best Deal ?
Procurement Strategies
The Procurement process.
the Procurement Process explanation
The Bidding strategies
Request for Quotation and Request for Proposals
The Purchasing cycle
Purchase Orders
Total Landed Cost
Total Landed cost
The Hidden Costs
Quiz on Module 1
Quiz on total landed cost.


ABC intro 2
Segmentation of suppliers
Customer’s and Product segmentation
ABC segmentation
ABC segmentation for suppliers
ABC Demo
Segmentation Conclusion

Risk /Value Mapping

Introduction Value risk mapping
Segmentation and Krajic Matrix
Routine and Leverage Quadrant
Strategic partnerships
How to mesure Risk
Leverage Items
Mitigating the risk

Accounting for inventory when buying

Why we need inventory ?
Inventory Strategies
Inventory types and EOQ
Total logistics cost and total relevant cost
Economic order quantity with Excel
EOQ with quantity discounts
EOQ sensitivity
Accounting for lead-time
EOQ assignment
Assignment answer EOQ

Inventory with Uncertainty

Uncertainty and variability in supply chain
Demand and sigma DL
Calculating average demand leadtime
Method 1 for safety stock calculation
Method 2 for safety stock calculation
Inventory policy
Inventory Policy assignment
Important remark in assignment
Inventory Policy answer

Seasonal Products inventory.

Seasonal Products inventory
Seasonal Products
Point of maximum profit
How much I will. sell?
Data table
Critical Ratio
Critical ratio in excel
What’s actually happening?
Assignment seasonal solved

Forecasting the Buy

Why we need forecasts?
Qualitative and Quantitative forecasting
Optimistic and Pessimistic forecasting
Supply planning journey
Linear regression
Forecasting Prepration
fitting the model
Forecasting next year’s Demand
Forecasting assignment
Forecasting answer

Production planning for next year’s demand

MPS intro
Problem Formulation
one time production
Lot For Lot
Periodic Planning
Fixed Production Horizon
Optimizing the Production
Setting up the constraints
Conclusion Production planning
Production planning assignment
Production Assignment Answer


Intro To MRP
Supply journey MRP
The End Product MRP
Screen MRP
Plastic MRP
MRP assignment
MRP solution

Make or Buy Decisions

Break Even Qunatity
Fixed and Variable costs
Contribution Margin
Break even example
Assignment Breakeven
Breakeven answer


Difference between Terms and Conditions
Characteristics of Contracts
A fixed price incentive fee contract
Cost Plus Contracts
Contract Clauses
Compensation and Suspension of work
Tender Details

Delivery and Payment terms

Introduction to Incoterms and payment terms
IncoTerms Part1
Incoterms Part 2
Incoterms example
Payment terms

Supplier’s Negotiation

Types oof negotiation strategies
Warrior strategy
Diplomatic Strategy
Collaborative strategy
the red sheet
Cultures in negotiation
Culture of the negotiating parties
Game theory
Game theory
The chicken strategy
The Trust strategy
Prisoner’s Dilemma
Stag Hunt strategy
Which strategy is better

Cost Benefit analysis

Cost Benefit analysis
Example of Non-time based CBA
CBA with Net Present value

Measuring suppler and internal performances

Key Performance indicators
Types of Benchmarks in procurement
Cost Control KPIs
Service level KPIs
Evaluation and actual price
Evaluation Bids
Quick Quiz
Supplier Evaluation

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