Procurement Basics

Bids / Tender fundamentals for government and business

What you will learn

How to develop a procurement brief

How to develop a procurement strategy

How to source using tendering documents (ITT)

Contract Award and Contract Management


This course covers the procurement life cycle to help you get your foot in the door for a career in procurement or to supplement your current knowledge and give you a little more confidence in procurement.

It starts with the basic procurement life cycle then we systematically go through each stage of the cycle. The procurement life cycle covers the following titles:

Business Need

Procurement Strategy


Contract Award

Contract Management

We’ll be going over

· Understanding the business need

We’ll go over the need to be clear on the outcomes of the tender and be confident that outsourcing is the best option for the organisation. we’ll also be completing the procurement brief template

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· Developing the procurement strategy

Here we go over the project timeline, options, budgets risk log and identifying key stakeholders

· Sourcing

Here we explore tendering via ITT / RFQ. We look at contract terms and conditions, a pricing schedule, compliance checks and risk logs

· Contract Award

In this phase we go over, due diligence checks, contract sign off and handovers if there is an incumbent supplier

· Contract Management

In this final phase we cover contract management and ensure contract outputs are delivered.

Keep in mind that the process is cyclical so if the contract expires and a new service is required, the process starts up again.




About your instructor
Procurement and the role of a buyer

Procurement Cycle and Business Need

Defining the Business Need

Procurement Strategy

Procurement Strategy

Invitation to Tender

Pricing / Commercial Schedule
Contract terms and conditions
Questions and Answers Log
Risk Log

Sourcing/ Tendering

Compliance checks
Tender Evaluation Panel
Quality and Price Evaluations
Evaluation Quiz
Grounds for Disqualification

Contract Award

Contract Award Reports and Due Diligence
Contract Management

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