Principles & Practice of Engineering PE Exam

Civil Structural – Truss and Beam

What you will learn

Tips on the PE Civil Structural exam

Mechanics of materials – truss analysis and beam analysis

Trusses – method of joints, method of section and zero force member

Beams – bending and shear diagrams, equations and stresses


This is a portion of a full course on the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam that I am currently developing. This portion is free and hopefully, you will find it useful.  The current lectures only cover truss and beam topics including bending and shear forces and stresses. The topics include truss analysis using the method of joints and method of sections, bending and shear diagrams, equilibrium equations and the corresponding stresses.

I share the fundamentals of solving structural problems as well as some tricks to solve multiple choice questions without actually solving the entire problem. The rest of the lectures on the PE exam will be released at a later date if there are a few people who think they are helpful.

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I passed the PE Civil Structural exam in 2018 on my first try while I was working as a structural engineer and doing my Ph.D. I would like to share some of my thoughts on important concepts as well as skills for writing exams. I will continue to make more videos if you find these helpful. If you have any suggestions or would be interested in taking the full course on PE Civil structural exam, please leave a comment or contact me directly.



NCEES Exam Specifications Part 4 Structural Mechanics

4A Dead and live loads
4B Trusses
4C Beam bending and shear
4D Bending and shear stresses

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