PRINCE2 By the Numbers – 7 Principles, 7 Themes, 7 Processes

Jumpstart your project management journey with a crisp understanding of the components of the PRINCE2 methodology


What You Will Learn

Explain the underlying reasons for the 7 PRINCE2 Principles

Entrench the 7 PRINCE2 Principles in current and future projects

Identify the 7 PRINCE2 project management processes

Explain the importance of the 7 PRINCE2 project management processes

Understand why all 7 Themes are important

Ensure your project management system includes all 7 Themes

Jumpstart your PRINCE2 studies with clarity of the 7 Principles, 7 Themes, and 7 Processes

Include in your preparation for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam

Include in your preparation for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam Case Study


  • No prior project management experience is required
  • You should know what PRINCE2 is. It is a globally recognised Project Management Methodology


PRINCE2 By the Numbers is designed as a primer for those who want to enter the project management profession or are in the profession but looking at PRINCE2 as a methodology, or as a certification that indicates their level of knowledge and competence.

The primer is useful for those in the organisation who need a concise overview of the principles, processes, and themes that they hear about when talking PRINCE2. The course demystifies the three pillars of PRINCE2, showing clearly how they all hang together as a whole. Once you see the relationship between the three elements of PRINCE2 you will find learning and recall significantly easier.

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For example, the principles are there to guide and lay a foundation for everyone. PRINCE2 projects should have a continued business justification throughout their life; the project management team must seek lessons from previous projects and learn of earlier successes and failures. A PRINCE2 project should be reported by exception, by the groups producing the products, through the project manager, to those directing the project. The project should have defined roles and responsibilities from the beginning, refined as the work details emerge. The project must focus on products rather than activities. Managing by stages supports the focus on products and managing by exception and allows you to review the business justification at the end of each stage.

Through the course you will:

  1. Learn the PRINCE2 elements of Principle, Theme, and Process
  2. Understand the 7 Principles
  3. Weave the 7 Principles into your approach to project management
  4. Apply the 7 Themes to your projects
  5. Explain the 7 Processes in the project lifecycle
  6. Explain who is responsible for each Process
  7. Analyse a project around you and suggest small improvements

Who this course is for:

  • Project administrators wanting to increase their project management knowledge
  • PMO leads who want to add more structure to their management system
  • Project Managers looking to study PRINCE2
  • Project Managers preparing for their PRINCE2 exams

Course content

5 sections • 9 lectures • 59m total length

  • Introduction


  • PRINCE2 Overview Part 1


  • PRINCE2 Overview Part 2


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