Power Of Your Mind (Edition 2)

Learn To Harness The Power Of Your Mind

What you will learn

You will become more calm

You will become more present

You will become more happier and Energetic

You will become more positive


Learn To Harness The Power Of Your Mind

In this course Manan Verma (Bestselling author and Founder Paper2Publish, Mind-Soul-Gain, and Future Beyond 2050) teaches you about the power that is within you. That power is known as the power of your mind. Just think about how humanity has reached our current level? The answer is pretty easy because of our minds.

Manan Verma asks you a simple question. Have you ever imagined what lies within you? have you ever noticed how your reality is shaped? these questions are right but tricky, answering them Manan Verma says that there lies a storehouse of energy within you and you are the shaper of your REALITY, how? well, Manan Verma will explain that too in this course.

This online course introduced by Mind-Soul-Gain this course comes under the category of mind as the name suggests Power Of Your Mind.

In this course, Manan Verma is going to answer some very interesting questions. Some of which are what is your conscious and subconscious mind? how do they work? all their functions? and how can you manipulate reality and the world around you with the power of your subconscious mind? Why a person is sad and unhappy and the other happy and abundant? why one person is experiencing success and the other is an object of failure?

The course is divided into 3 sections

In the first section, Manan Verma is going to teach you what is your subconscious mind and what is your conscious mind the relation between these two, and how they shape your reality.

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Then comes the real deal in section 2 you will embark on a 14 days journey with Manan Verma in which Manan Verma will tell you about how can you use the power which lies within you. Firstly Manan Verma will guide you in some breathing exercises and affirmations then Manan Verma will tell you what is truth, desire, present, and their powers and then how can you use your subconscious mind for health, wealth, success, and for a higher state of being.

After this 14-day journey comes section 3 in which Manan Verma will be telling you about some techniques which you can use and Manan Verma will tell you what is self-confidence along with many other important topics.

This course is really simple and can fit into your daily schedule study this course and apply all the techniques outlined in this course. If you believe in yourself then as you start practicing with faith in yourself you will hold on to a power that will lift you up from all types of confusion and will bring clarity to you.

Learn and change yourself and then change the world

See you inside the course.

Note: This is a free sample course of the full course by Manan Verma and only contains selected lectures from the full range course.




Conscious and Subconscious mind
Let’s begin

The Journey

Mind Course By Manan Verma Day 1: Start by cleansing your mind
Mind Course By Manan Verma Day 2: Law of attraction and desire
Mind Course By Manan Verma Day 3: Affirmation essentials
Bonus Lecture

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