Point of Sale (POS) 101

Important things to know before developing any Point of Sale software product for commercial use. It all starts here.

What you will learn

What is Point of Sale POS? Where is it used?

Various Stakeholders of POS.

What data is collected at POS System?

How to take Advantage of POS Data to enhance the Customer Experience

How the data gets processed in Machine Learning, Data Science, Business Analytics

Converting Point of Sale System Data into Actionable Insights


World is progressing fast towards Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning. It all starts with Data. The Data that gets collected at the Point of Sale (POS). This Point of Sale (POS) 101 course will help you to understand the Basics of POS, like What is POS?, How is POS Data collected with Point of Sale System?, How this data is processed at POS System? and How it is used by various businesses across the globe?

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You would have experienced at-least one of the following situations in the recent times:

1. You might have received an instant discount to your final bill during checkout at your favorite Retail store, when you swiped your store membership card.

2. You would have seen a list of recommended products on the Amazon website, based on your previous interactions at Amazon.

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3. You would have received your refund automatically to your card at your Gas station, when you had pumped less fuel than what you paid for.

These are all nothing but experiences at Point of Sale (POS). Point of Sale (POS) is the place at which the actual sales happen to the customer. It is also the place where the data is collected and actionable insights are delivered to the customer. Point of Sale (POS) is applicable anywhere. Be it Movie theaters, Restaurants, Hospitals, Airlines, Omnichannel Retail and the list goes on and on. Based on your previous interactions with their businesses, useful actions are taken by their system. Leading firms process this data using sophisticated technologies to offer Personalized Coupons, Reminders or even to create a Personalized Website like your Udemy Student landing page- All these are done to enhance the customer experience.

Welcome to this fun filled learning course on POS.



Point of Sale – POS

What is a Point of Sale (POS)

POS Data

Point of Sale System and POS Data

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights using Machine Learning, Data Science and Business Analytics

Enhancing Customer Experience

Examples of how Actionable Insights are used to Improve the Customer Experience

Challenges with POS Systems

Learn the top 5 Common problems at Point of Sale

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