PMP Dash – The Fastest Way To Ace PMP Exams

Just the right course to get you PMP Exams ready in the shortest possible time.

What you will learn

Clearly understand all the important concepts, models, definitions and formulas that are popular in PMP Exams.

Tailor the correct methodology for the specific project context.

Understand all the important processes along with their respective important Tools & Techniques that are popular in PMP Exams.

Understand how to approach and answer different kinds of questions that show up on PMP Exams.

Gain confidence about preparing and clearing PMP Exams in a short period of time.


PMP Dash has been created with the aim of providing just the right amount of material, notes, tips and tricks and insights to help the candidate become exams ready in the shortest possible time.

This PMP Dash has been arranged and narrated such that it matches the actual flow of a Project and has been created in such a manner that even those who are not from IT background can answer Agile related questions that show up a lot in PMP exams.

PLEASE NOTE IT IS NOT A FULL PMP 35 CONTACT HOURS TRAINING. This course assumes that you have already undergone that training and are preparing for attempting the PMP Exams.

With all important Models, Tools & Techniques, Formulas, Concepts and Definitions that are popular in PMP Exams, the content of PMP Dash is so extensive that anything that would show up on PMP Exams has been covered here. EVERYTHING. Includes material from all the other references and standards earmarked by PMI for PMP Viz.,

– PMBOK Guide 6th edition

– PMBOK Guide 7th edition

– PMI Authorized PMP Prep

– PMI Standard for Agile

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– Examination Content Outline for PMP

– Organizational Change Standard

Once you go through PMP Dash you will have all the notes, information, ability and as well as the attitude to ace PMP exams, let alone clearing it.

And as if all this was not enough, PMP Dash has one full guided format of 180 Questions very similar to the PMP Exams.

To understand exactly how comprehensive this course is, let’s have a look at:


o The entire PMP Dash course is done through a revolutionary new sequence

o All possible notes covered in a sequence that makes sense and relatable

o All references covered in creation of these notes

o Models and Tools & Techniques as well as their logic also covered

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o Pitfalls to avoid covered

o All methodologies (Including Agile) explained in a manner that you will not forget

o Focus on only the processes that show up on PMP

o Notes through visual clues to help retain information

o 180 Questions (Nearest to PMP Exams) guided through by the narrator.

o Each question explained in a manner that you will develop immense confidence and certainty for clearing PMP Exams.

o Made by someone who has over 26,800 certified professionals to his personal credit.

o Comprehensive coverage of People and Interpersonal skills needed for PMP as contained in ECO and more.


o Explanation such that it would be hard for you to forget

o Focus on “Understanding” and not “Mugging Up”.

o Complete and comprehensive coverage.

o Most comprehensive material in the industry targeted for PMP 2021

o Entire course replete with tips and tricks.

o PMP Experts since 2006

o Over 48,500 Certified through PM-Pulse

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PMP Dash Philosophy And Methodology

Project Framework

Project Framework – Part 1
Project Framework – Part 2
Project Framework – Part 3

Project Methodologies

Project Methodologies – Part 1
Project Methodologies – Agile Focus
Project Methodologies – Important Agile Terms To Master

Project Initiation

Project Initiation – Create Project Charter
Project Initiation – Identify and Analyse Stakeholders
Project Planning – Collect Requirements
Project Planning – Define Scope And Create WBS
Project Planning – Define, Sequence, and Estimate Activity Resources.
Project Planning – Estimate Activity Durations
Project Planning – Develop Schedule
Project Planning – Estimate Cost, Determine Budget and Plan Quality Management
Project Planning – Plan Resource Management
Project Planning – Plan Procurement Management
Project Planning – Plan Stakeholder and Communication Management
Project Planning – Plan, Identify, Qualify and Quantify Risks
Project Planning – Develop Risk Response and Project Management Plans.
Project Implementation – Acquire Resources
Project Implementation – Develop Project Team
Project Implementation – Manage Team
Project Implementation – Manage Communications and Quality
Project Implementation – Conduct Procurements, Create Deliverables and Knowledge
Project Implementation – Monitor Communication and Risk and Control Quality
Project Implementation – Control Schedule and Costs
Project Implementation – Control Procurements, Scope and Changes
Project Implementation – Monitor and Control Project Work and Validate Scope
Project Closure – Close Project
PMP Exams Set – Questions – 1 to 30
PMP Exams Set – Questions – 31 to 60
PMP Exams Set – Questions – 61 to 90
PMP Exams Set – Questions – 91 to 120
PMP Exams Set – Questions – 121 to 150
PMP Exams Set – Questions – 151 to 180

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