Personal finance core structure

Learn to structure your personal finances

How to structure your income

Income flow and direct

Bill pay structure

Restrict compulsive spending


  • Understand English willing to learn
  • Willing to learn


In this personal financial course I go over:

Vision: where you want to be.

Compulsive spending: Restricting the amount.

Minimum bill amount: How much you need to set aside each week, month.

Structure your income: Get to were you can be months ahead on bills. \

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Spending accountability: Ask that one question, ”Where does the money come from.”

Recap and bonus: What the course goes over what’s next.

My house: What I’ve done and how to live beneath your means.

Car: What I’ve done when buying vehicles in the past, “Minimum payment equals maximum to interest.”

Credit card vs CD: Stop paying interest and start collecting dividends.

Who this course is for:

  • People wanting to do better with their income
  • People looking to structure their income
  • people willing to develop their Personal finance understanding
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