Pass FTMO Challenge – How To Pass Your Prop Firm Challenge

How To Pass Your FTMO Challenge – MyForexFunds – The Prop Trading – E8 Funding Or Any Prop Firm Challenge

What you will learn

Learn the tools and skills you need to pass your FTMO challenge

Methods and resources apply to any prop firm and any account size

Tools can be used to pass your challenge for FTMO, E8, MyForexFunds, The Prop Trading, and any prop firm in the market

Can be used on any account size – Even accounts in drawdown


If you’re not already familiar with FTMO, it’s one of a handful of professional prop trading firms available, which provide six-figure funding to traders who exhibit discipline and use profitable strategies and strategic trading skills.

As with other prop trading firms, FTMO requires participants to first pass a trading challenge that has strict rules for a target profit you need to meet, how many days you can trade, how much you can lose on any day, and how much you can lose at any point during the overall challenge.

There is a fee to participate in the challenge, depending on how large of an account you’d like to manage, as well as the exchange rate between your currency and the Euro*.

Once you pass the challenge, you trade with FTMO provided funds, and every month you split your profit with the company. This works by sending FTMO an invoice in the amount you’d like to withdraw from your account. You get to walk away with 70% of the profit and FTMO takes 30%.

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The FTMO Challenge is one of the best opportunities for forex traders to get funded and reach that next level in their trading journey. FTMO is allowing traders to go from hobby traders to having up to $400,000 in funding in just a few weeks.

The FTMO challenge is renowned for being hard to pass and leaves traders wondering, how do you actually pass the challenge? In this article we are going to look at how to pass the FTMO challenge, from the rules, the risk management and even a trading strategy that could help you get there! Let’s find out more…

This course will walk you through the steps you need to pass your FTMO challenge or any prop firm challenge.



An Introduction To Forex – Pass Your FTMO Challenge

What Is Forex? An Introduction
Bullish Vs Bearish Markets
Understanding Currency Pairs
Forex Charts & How To Analyze Them
What Is Leverage?
Understanding Margins In Forex Trading
Market Hours – NY – Tokyo – London
What Is The Order Type
The Importance Of Take Profit And Stop Losses
The Fundamentals Of Trading Psychology
What Is Volume In Forex Trading
What Is A Lot Size & How To Properly Choose One
What Is A Pip & How To Analyze Spreads

Advanced Technical Analysis To Pass Your FTMO Challenge

Fibonacci Retracement – How To Use It
The Indicator Basis
Understanding & Leveraging MacD In Trading
Moving Average – How To Analyze & Use It To Your Advantage
Stochastic Method For Forex Trading
What Are Trends
Understanding & Using Trend Lines For The FTMO Challenge

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