Paintology – Drawing a fried egg is not as easy as you think

Drawing a fried egg looks easy at first until you try to draw it. The subtle variations in the tones can look deceiving

What you will learn

Improve drawing strokes and appreciation of tones in drawing

Learn drawing with the free android Paintology app

Learn rapidly with the traced mode of drawing in Paintology

Enjoy new techniques in drawing


Digital drawing is a fun now that many of us have access to a phone or a tablet.

With the free android drawing app, Paintology, you can develop your overall skills in drawing and get a deep understanding of tones which is essential to good drawing.

In this course, we will draw this fried egg using the popular traced feature of the Paintology app. This feature allows you to load any types of images into your canvas and make drawings at rapid speed while improving your drawing techniques.

You can try many of the other free Udemy courses by typing in Paintology in the search box.

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Also the in app video tutorials will get you up to speed with Paintology very fast.

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Quick short video guides on how to use the features of the Paintology app

Watch this short video on how to download the app on your phone or tablet
Watch this video on how to load the ref image for the outline or blocking
Watch this video on how to set the background canvas color
Watch this short video on using the color picker with the trace bar

Draw the fired egg

Do the blocking of colors for the fried egg
Draw in the details of the egg

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